Introduction: Make JCB Bulldozer

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First of all it is my 3rd instructables of making remote controlled JCB bulldozer from cardboard.

This is crawler mounted JCB bulldozer.

Please check my 1st and 2nd instructables of making homework writing machine and hover board making machine.

Step 1: Cut Cardboard Sheet in Shape

Take 3 ply or 5 ply cardboard sheet and cut in the shape of above pictures.

First of all make cab for this bulldozer as per your size.

Then cut the all shape of cardboard sheet as per picture and take all materials.

Step 2: Stick Cab

Take hot glue gun and paste on cab.Then stick this cab with cardboard sheet.

Step 3: Stick Support

Stick 3 support for lift cylinder and bucket cylinder using hot glue gun.

Step 4: Stick Support

Stick 4 support for loader lift arm using hot glue gun.

Step 5: Make Cylinder

Take two syringe,two nuts,two zip tie.

Pass zip tie through nuts and close zip tie with syringe as per picture.

cut extra tail of zip tie.

Step 6: Set Cylider in Bulldozer

Take two loader lift arms and set on position of arm.pass the wooden stick through out of two loader lift arm.

Take two cylinders and set on position of cylinder.Pass the wooden stick through out of two cylinder.

Step 7: Make Bucket

Take coca cola cane and cut them.Stick two cardboard peaces and stick as per 1st pic model.

Take hot glue gun and paste it on both side of bucket.Then stick support on this glue.

Step 8: Connect Bucket

Take this bucket and link with loader lift arm as per picture.

Step 9: Make ​hydraulic Cylinders

Take one glass of water and mix with any color for visual effect.

Take one syringe and load full syringe with this colored water.connect syringe mouth with pipe and unload syringe until water come closer two second and of pipe.Take 2nd syringe and connect with this end.

Lets try this is work or not.

Push one syringe handle and you get second syringe handle movement.

Step 10: Connect Syringe

Use same mechanism of this syringe and create hydraulic mechanism of this syringe.

connect this syringe with bucket arm and loader lift arm.

Step 11: Make Tire

Take cardboard sheet and cut 5cm round tire as per pic.

Take 5 x 4 cardboard tire and stick 5 tire for make one tire.

Drill hole on middle of this for tire using drill machine.

Step 12: Make Engine

Take two DC motor and connect with glue gun as per pic.

connect all 4 tire with this dc motor shaft.

Step 13: Connect Body With Engine

Take Body of bulldozer and stick with engine.

Done !

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