Introduction: Make Keurig Ramen Noodles

Everyone knows about Ramen noodles, just about anyone going to College survived on Ramen and just about everyone knows how to make Ramen noodles in the microwave. But look up Ramen noodles burn and you'll find hundreds of articles about Ramen noodle and soup cup burns related to microwave ovens.

Here are just a few articles....

If you own a Keurig coffee maker you have everything you need to make the perfect temperature Ramen Noodles. And making noodles this way is safe enough you could let your children make their own as long as they are supervised.

Note: Sorry, this won't work with a 2.0 brewer!

Step 1: Prepare Your Noodles

Start with a bowl just large enough for your Ramen noodles to sit in. The dry noodles sit about 1/2" above the bottom of bowl I use. I usually place the dry noodles in the bowl then pour the powder flavor pack on top.

Step 2: Add Water From Your Keurig Coffee Maker

Place your bowl where you would normally place a coffee cup.

Open your Keurig then close without inserting a pod.

Then run water just like you would brew coffee.

Note: This will not work with a 2.0 brewer because the 2.0 brewers sense the coffee pod.

Step 3: Cycle Your Keurig Again

You will need to cycle your Keurig coffee maker at least one more time to add enough hot water to your bowl.

Mine has a 10 ounce setting so mine only needs two cycles. If you have a smaller brewer without a 10 ounce setting you may need to cycle yours three times.

Step 4: Wait 15 Minutes Then Stir and Eat Your Ramen Noodles

Wait about 15 minutes then stir your soup.

Your noodles will pull apart and they should be the perfect consistency and temperature to eat.

And BTW, I ate the bowl I cooked for these pictures while writing this article!