Introduction: Make Logo for Your Rubik's Cube

About: Speedcuber and DIYer

Making logo for your Rubik's cube can be costly, so I came up with an idea: why not just make it myself?

Step 1: Video Is Everything!

Watch the video, it explains everything!

Step 2: Gather the Materials

1. Junk cloth - just to wipe excessive soapy water
2. Tape - the main material for making a logo
3. Soapy water - remove air bubbles between tape
4. Permanent marker - to draw your design
5. Sticker sheet - place to stick your tape at while drawing the logo
6. Cube - obviously

Step 3: Tape It on the Sticker Sheet!

Peel a piece of tape, and stick it to the smooth surface of the sticker sheet

Step 4: Start Drawing!

Now draw your logo design, use your creativity!

Step 5: Another Piece of Tape

It's time to use the soapy water! Put a drop of it on your logo, peel another piece of tape, and stick it on your logo! You want to eliminate all the air bubbles if there are any. Try scraping them to the edge to remove them.

Step 6: Cut It!

Now cut it to the shape you want, you might want to round the corner of your logo, but I will go for rectangle, since it was the easiest shape to cut. Remember to leave an edge so you can pull it off the sticker sheet later (optional:you can ignore this if you think you can peel it off without the extra edge).

Step 7: It's Soapy Time!

Take off the center cap of your cube. Put a drop of soapy water on the center cap. Then peel the logo off the sticker sheet and cut the excessive edge if there is any.

Step 8: Show Time!

Stick the logo to the center cap. Eliminate all the air bubbles. Finally wipe off excessive soapy water with junk cloth.

Step 9: Result and Conclusion

Here is the result. Making logo on your own is just easy and cheap, so why do you even bother to buy it? What do you think about of it? Comment below and tell me!