Introduction: Make More of Fresh Herbs and Spices

You've been to the market and got carried away buying the ingredients for a Thai curry... Now how do you avoid wasting all those herbs and spices?

In my house we eat lots of spicy food, but I still find I don't use all of that bunch of coriander before it goes limp and tired in the fridge.

So here are some ways to get more use from your herbs and spices.

Step 1: In the Fridge

Wash leafy herbs like coriander and parsley and dry in a salad spinner. Put in a plastic container on a layer of paper towel and keep in the salad crisper. This also works for bagged salads. Lasts several days longer than if left in the bag.

Chillies, lemon grass and ginger will keep for a week or so in the salad crisper.

Step 2: Freezing Spices

Lemon grass, curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves keep beautifully in a plastic bag in the freezer. Use straight from the freezer.

I use the food processor to slice chillies, then use them from frozen in curries and on pizzas.

Ginger and garlic can be grated or chopped finely and frozen in ice cube trays. Better and cheaper than the jars you can buy.

Step 3: Freezing Leafy Herbs

Use a food processor to chop the herbs, removing large stalks. Transfer to a plastic container, label and freeze immediately. Stir straight into curries, stir-fries or stews.

I keep coriander and parsley always, and freeze dill and mint when I have them to spare.

Large parsley and coriander stalks can be frozen separately and used to make stock.

Basil is better made into pesto.

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