Introduction: Remixed Pigs Jewellery Set

My son's girlfriend is Hong Kong Chinese, and her surname is Chu, which is the same as the word for pig in Mandarin. I thought I could make her a set of jewellery out of home-made enamelled pigs, remixing the instructable

I hope she likes them when she is next over in the UK, in October!

Step 1: Pendant

I made an enamelled pig as instructed. This one used pink enamel as the base layer, with a scattering of yellow and brown enamel on top. I put a jump ring through the hole in the pig's back, then used a piece of thong to make a pendant.

Step 2: Earrings

For the earrings, I made two pig shapes with a layer of pink enamel, then added a selection of coloured canes and refired it to melt them into place. I attached jump rings through the holes in the pigs' backs, then attached a fishhook earring finding.

Step 3: Badge/brooch

For the badge/brooch, I used a layer of yellow enamel mixed with some brown. I glued a brooch finding on the back with quick epoxy resin.

Step 4: The Complete Set

I think you will agree this is a unique hand-made gift. One of the things I like about enamelling is its unpredictable nature - it never comes out the same way twice. I hope she likes it

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