Introduction: Make Rotating Christmas Tree Light Using LED's and Toy Motor

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DIY Awsome Christmas tree with mini led lights and dc toy motor its easy DIY and good gift idea for Christmas, You can make any color of your choice by choosing different color led lights,For making it just requires 3v coin battery and 9v battery or you can use your cellphone charger cable as a power supply to the motor and cycle spoke or any thick round metal wire and small card board piece and PCB board if u have no pcb board you can directly glue the led lights to card board and solder them and glue gun

Step 1: Requiremets

Green led lights

PCB board

cycle spoke

card board sheet

toy motor and batteries

Step 2: Making the Tree Portion

Take cycle spoke or any other of same type and cut it at 7.5 cms length ,Then take card board sheet and cut the tree shape with given dimensions.

now exactly on the middle line glue the metal piece with hot glue and don't forget to leave some metal piece below the cardboard sheet.

apply some extra glue for strength.

Step 3: Fixing the Connector

now by using the connector connect both Tree shape and DC toy motor and tighten the screws with the screw driver.

Step 4: Making Led Lights for Tree

Take PCB board and separate a small portion and cut exactly the tree size and fill the board with led lights solder them placing all positives on one side and all negatives on another side.

Then take another led light and solder it over the top of board as shown and solder the wires and check the lights are glowing or not.

Step 5: Fixing the 3v Coin Battery Holder

take the 3v coin battery holder and solder the wires to it.

Step 6: Glueing the Components to Tree Shape

by using glue glue the led strip and battery holder to the tree shape as shown in pictures and apply some extra glue for strength

Step 7: Testing Time

place the coin battery in the holder and then connect the motor to battery u can see the rotating Christmas tree light

you can place it anywhere just by applying the hot glue to the bottom of motor and glue it to the surface .

happy Christmas

hope you like it


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