Introduction: Make Soft Sparkling Apple Cider in 4 Days

Here's a simple recipe for making delicious soft Apple Cider in 4 days. The alcohol percentage depends on the amount of sugar you put in the mix and the number of days you leave it fermenting. The percentage of alcohol I didn't measure due to not having a Hydrometer. After drinking two glasses of this drink it gave me the same buzz as drinking two glasses of commercially made 7% cider. Through experimentation, I found 4 days to give the best tasting cider with a still relatively sweet flavor. If you leave it longer it will get a harder taste until it gets slightly vinegary. I guess if you left it for a month you would get apple cider vinegar.


1) 500 mL glass jar with sealed lid (Adams Peanut Butter jar is perfect because it lets the pressure out) but anything equivalent is OK.

2) Filtered water (If you have good tap water this can be used)

3) 1 Sweet Apple

4) Kefir culture (Can be purchased online)

5) 3 Tablespoons of white sugar.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients As Shown

Gather the ingredients as shown in picture. 1 sweet apple cut into chunks, 3 tablespoons of regular white sugar, 1 tablespoon of kefir culture and 500 mL of filtered water.

Step 2: Put Ingredients in Bottom of Jar

Put the ingredients in bottom of jar as shown in picture.

Step 3: Fill Jar Up With Water

Fill jar with ingredients with water and put lid on tight.

Step 4: Shake Ingredients Inside Jar.

Shake the ingredients in jar until the sugar and kefir culture is dispersed throughout the mixture as shown in the photo. Put on shelf at room temperature away from direct sunlight and gently agitate every day to keep contents mixed. Loosen lid slightly to burp jar if necessary every 24 hours and then retighten. In four days you will have the finished product. If you find that the white kefir culture makes the cider less appealing, you can filter it through a cheesecloth and put the cider in the refrigerator to cool. It's most refreshing when chilled.