Introduction: DIY USB DAC Amplifier!

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Hey! On this tutorial I'll tell you how to make your own USB DAC with Amplifier inside on it!

Don't expect too much about sound quality..

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NOTE : Listening at High volume for long periods may damage your hearing.

I'm making this DAC for listening Loud Bass Music :D

For what DAC Amplifier? if you ask me i'll answer like this :

Usually, DAC with Amplifier used for High impedance Headphones and for Recording and Listening Audio with High Quality and High Bitrate Audio (Correct me if i wrong plz..)

This one support Linux, Android (Why not?), Windows (absolutely), and maybe MAC (read your USB Soundcard compatibilities)

Lazy to read my instructable? it's okay, I've been make the video for you!

But first, Something you'll need on the Schematic!

Step 1: First, the Schematic

Here is the schematic that i made on ExpressSCH Software!

Part Lists :

  • 1x Cheap or Expansive USB Soundcard
  • 1x RCA Socket
  • 2x 3.5mm or 6.5mm Audio Jack Socket (Yes, the Socket dude)
  • 1x Volume Knob
  • 1x ON OFF Switch (For Mute button is optional)
  • 1x XL6009 DC to DC Boost Converter Module (2A Ver is okay)
  • 2x Micro USB Breakout
  • Some Pin Headers (or you can use connector instead, but i'd like to use pin headers)
  • Some Cables that isn't thick enough
  • 2x 100nF Capacitors
  • 2x 2k7 Resistors
  • 2x 1k2 Resistors
  • 1x 50K or 100K Potentiometer (i use 50k)
  • 2x 100uF Capacitors
  • 2x 470uF Capacitors

maybe i'm not listed something, so just read the Schematic to make sure they are already listed on here :)

Step 2: Something You Should Know..

I just brought 2 Soundcards on different date but on same store

When i look inside, that's very different so i just test both of them and got different sound quality too

on Soundcard number 1 (With crystal on it and with more complicated board design)

  • Pros
    The sound feels good without modifying anything on the board
  • Cons
    The noise on the microphone so freakin loud and annoying

Soundcard number 2 (Without any crystal on it and simpler board design and also this is older version i think)

  • Pros
    -The sound feels, umm okay but less bassy or whatever you call it (but can be modified by removing 2 capacitors before headphone jack so you can feel the bass)
  • Cons
    -Noise? still noisy but not too loud as Soundcard 1
    -when you remove the Capacitors, and you're using headset or headphone, the IC will became hot and sometimes it disconnect by itself and the IC will blew up if you using it too loud and for long time usage with headphone or headset, but not if you're using Amplifier :)

Step 3: What Do You Waiting For? Just Make It Now!

i'm trying to make as small as possible, but i think that impossible for right now...

Step 4: Make the Case for It!

I'm just using multipurpose box for it, so.. not look so good but hey.. this is home made bro! :D

Step 5: Finished Product (?)

Whoa, it just finished.. for testing I recommend you to turn volume down to 20% on your PC or your Gadget! or you might got shocked because the volume is too loud

Note : On Windows side when i set volume to 20% for me is so loud so careful with it.

That's all for Today's Project! Thanks for read my Instructable and see you later on my next project!

Sorry for bad english ._.