Introduction: Make Under a Bratz Doll

Hi Everyone!

This is a project you can do at your house that is really quite simple. All it takes is the right supplies and precision. I enjoy this project because it is a fun craft to do in my free time, and it improves the particular product while not supporting the MGA Entertainment Industry that produces Bratz dolls. I hope you enjoy it too!

Step 1: Necessary Supplies


Eucalyptus oil

Cotton Balls

100% Acetone

Q Tips

Size 0-2 Paintbrushes

Black Americano paint

White Americano paint

Brown Americano paint

Your preferred eye color + the primary colors

Step 2: Hair

For this project, I recommend buying a thrift store or used doll, which is good because it doesn't support the Doll Industries, but there's one downside. The hair of your doll will most likely be tangled. Brush the hair, but if it is really tangled, use conditioner to de tangle it in warm water. Tie it back if necessary.

Step 3: Wiping Off the Makeup

First, use a cotton ball to rub Eucalyptus Oil on the face of the doll. Then use a second cotton ball to rub Acetone on the face until no paint remains. Use a Q tip to erase the paint between the lips. Lastly, rinse the face in water to prevent a non-stick surface so that the paint will stick.

Step 4: Starting the Eyes

Gently pencil in the eyebrows and shape of the eyes. It may take a few tries, but turning the doll upside down to do which ever side of the face that does not correspond with your dominant hand might help. Next, paint the inside of the eyes white. You may need to do two layers of paint in order to get a clean outcome.

Step 5: Iris Part 1 and Eyebrows

Paint a circle of black where the iris would be and paint the eyebrows.

Step 6: The Iris

Using a color of your choice, paint in the iris's leaving a small ring of black around them.

Step 7: Adding Depth

Add a shadow on the upper part of the Iris by adding a bit of black to your eye color.

Step 8: Finishing

Add a pupil to your eye that is black. Then add dots of light where ever you feel is necessary. Lastly, paint on your lips, smaller than the original ones, I advise.

Cut the hair if you want to, too!

You may also sew your own clothes, which i find enjoyable.

Now you are done! I hope you enjoyed this craft! :)