Introduction: Make Up Brush Grips & Wash Board

Much like pencil grips, makeup grips can be useful for individuals who struggle with finger dexterity, increase comfortability using makeup brushes, decrease pain in finger joints, ad great for weak hands. I hope you enjoy this budget friendly tutorial on how to make makeup brush grips :)

What you’ll need:

Model Magic Clay in whatever color you want (you can mix colors to create your own color).

Make Up Brush(es) you want to create grips for.

Step 1: How to Make Your Brush Grips

Break off a piece of the clay

Knead the clay to soften it.

Roll the clay as thick or as thin as you would like

Step 2:

Wrap your rolled clay around the makeup brush as high up and thick as you would like

Step 3: ​Make Up Brush Wash Board

A fun and easy way to clean your makeup brushes on a budget!! Typical makeup brush cleaners can cost upwards to $30.These 3 simple materials that you may already have or can find at your local dollar store for $1 each will save you lots of $$$$. Hope you enjoy this quick tutorial :)

Materials you’ll need:

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

Plastic board can be a cutting board or clipboard

Step 4: ​How to Make Your Cleaning Board

Prepare glue gun and make sure your clipboard is clean.

Use your glue gun to draw big and small dots, lines and zigzags across the clipboard.

Step 5: Allow the Glue to Dry Completely.

Step 6: Run Your Dirty Brushes Under Warm Water, Then Wipe Them Against the Board Until the Water Runs Clear.