Magnetic Make-Up Organizer

Introduction: Magnetic Make-Up Organizer

This is a great way to store your every day make-up items, it's right there. Grab it apply and put it back on with it's magnets!

Step 1: Things You Will Need...


Sheet Metal

Graphic Tape or a Picture Frame

Hot Glue Gun


Step 2: Start Warming Up Your Glue Gun.

Step 3: Either Put Glue Onto the Magnet and Firmly Press the Magnet Into the Back Center of the Make-up.

Step 4: Repeat the Last Step on Every Piece of Make-up. Let Dry for 20mins.

Step 5: While the Glue Is Drying Either Put Your Sheet Metal Into a Picture Frame or Use Your Patterned Tape to Outline the Edges.

I chose to use patterned tape, but you can totally do whatever you want.

Step 6: Start Adding Make-up Pieces One by One.

Step 7: Now You Are Done! Prop It Up Right Where You Do Your Makeup, If You Have a Picture Frame You Can Hang It!

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed please favourite it it means a lot! (:

The great thing about this is its magnetic and the make-up sticks to the sheet metal.

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