Introduction: Make You Own Own (Harry Potter) Wand.


This is a DIY on how to make your own personalized Harry Potter wand.

I was on camp when I made my wand.

This shows that it doesn't take much to make a wand.

This is what you will need to make a wand:


- A stick. it needs to be as straight as possible and about 30cm or 12 inches.

- A piece of leather. this is optional and may be used for a grip (own measurements).

- A piece of string. for details/ the grip (optional too)

- Paint. for painting your wand (optional too)

- Glue. to glue the leather to the wand.

- You could use hot glue instead too (can also be used for details)


- A knife. for carving the stick to your own desire.

- A saw. could be used instead of the knife.

- An xactoknife. for the optional piece of leather.

- sandpaper to make everything nice and smooth so you won't get splinters from holding your wand.

- paint brush to paint the optional paint.

Step 1: Finding/buying a Stick

For me it was simple, I was on a camping terrain so it wasn't hard to find a straight stick.

they where all over the forrest floor.

I found one that matched my desired "straightness", length and width.

This process took me about 5 minutes in a forrest filled with pine trees.

in a forrest with only deciduous trees in it I expect it to take longer.

Finding a stick might be tricky for some people who live in a big city or somewhere where there are no trees nearby.

no worries!

There is a second option for a stick go to a arts and crafts store/ home improvement store and ask if they have wooden rods.

Most of the time these stores sell them with al diameter of 8mm and that is the perfect size.

Step 2: Carving and Sawing Your Stick

Now that you have a stick cut it about 30cm long (12 inches).

If this is too big or too small for you. Make it the size you want.

If you found your stick in the forrest I highly suggest you take of the bark so it doesn't fall of later

Glueing the bark to the stick is possible too.

Then carve your stick (or not) and sand it so it has an end with a tip and a side which is smooth.

again if you found your stick in the forrest I highly suggest sanding along the long side of the stick so the tiny bends / dents (from branches) in it will be smooth and appear less obvious.

If you bought your stick in a store it will be so straight that you may not see the need of sanding along the lenght of the stick but i suggest you do because it will be smooth and won't contain splinters anymore.

Step 3: Adding Carvings Into the Wand.

To do this you need to be careful.

I did the carving with my knife. If you aren't careful you may cut yourself.

try to be creative and make a cool pattern that fits you!

At this point I finished my wand.

What optional is, is to paint your wand, add string/leather for details.

I have a sister who likes Harry Potter too.

She made a few wands too and here are a few:

Step 4: Wands Made by My Sister:

My sister used in the first wand a stick and an old handel and she simply glued those together.

in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th wands are made of sticks she bought at an arts and crafts store.

she used some string to make details on the wand and hot glue to fix the string to the wand.

The last two wands are made of the same sticks but the details are made entirely out of hot glue.

She painted all her wand this purple black color.

That's it you now know how to make your own Harry Potter wand.

If you made one please let me know in the comment down bellow!