Make Your Own Bee Bath

Introduction: Make Your Own Bee Bath

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This summer, like always, I decided to make my own garden

Every year I make my own garden filed with zucchini’s, pumpkins and flowers

But this year, they took a while to grow, especially the vegetables

I was wondering why and I looked it up on the k termed and found out that it was due to a decrease in bees in my garden

I wondered why that was and found out that bees need water to dissolve the sugar at their feet

Which made some sense to me because my garden only gets watered in the early morning where no bees are around

I knew I had to figure out a way to get more bees in my garden

I started searching the internet and found a way of making a bee bath out of cement, but it was so co placated I had to find an easier way

That’s when I found a way of making a bee bath I understand 10 min

Bee bath benefits:

Helps bees dilute crystallized honey

Helps with their digestion

Keeps their hive cool

Feeds the babies - larvae need lots of water

Overall, bee baths are essential, as I have learned, and really helped with increasing my bee population around my garden

Step 1: Materials

shallow dish

Tall pot planter

River rocks or stones

Fresh water

And that’s it!

Step 2: Steps

find a place where you have bees already

I used a place near my vegetable garden

Get your tall pot and place it upside down on a flat surface

Next, grab your shallow dish and place it on top of the upside down pot

Shovel up some river rocks and place in a layer at the bottom of your shallow dish

Next, pour some fresh water into the rocks until the rocks are half touching the water

And that’s it!

Make sure to change the water everyday or at least every other day

Step 3: Results

this bee bath is simple and easy and very essential to every gardener and garden

Ever since I made bed bath, I had so many bees near my garden pollinating my vegetables, that I had to step carefully around them just to get to my veggies :)

This bee bath helped me so much

I suggest every gardener takes 10 minutes to make it

It will help younso much


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    4 years ago

    there's a pot filled with moss in my garden and last week i randomly watered it. a hour later, i noticed a bee flying around. it drank some water and came back for more several times after. i was a bit puzzled why it came here because there's a little "pond" (not the proper word but idk how to describe it) in this area and the bee could have drink there anytime, but i've never seen one around the pond. maybe the water in the pot was more fresh and clean? but it was just rain water...


    Reply 4 years ago

    wow. Yeah bees need water for many things. I was surprised they went to the moss


    Reply 4 years ago

    well the moss was freshly soaked, and the weather has been warm for several days at that point. for the bee it must have been like drinking from a sponge.
    but now i don't know where to put that bee bath in my garden. i thought a sunny place could be easier to find but the water will soon be hot, maybe the bees won't like it. plus it'll evaporate quickly. do you check your bee bath one time or more during the day?