Make Your Own No Sew Hair Curlers

Introduction: Make Your Own No Sew Hair Curlers

I’ve been around the web and I’ve seen different ways for us to roll our hair minus store-bought rollers or curling irons.  You can pin curl or flat pin curl (yes there is a difference) , rag curl, foil curl , or you can make some curlers by sewing or crochet a set and go to it.

Me, I like rollers/curlers, didn’t own any at the moment, and decided yesterday that by golly I was going to have some; the thing is though I wanted something quick that was no sew because I didn’t feel like taking out the sewing machine …

So here you have it,  panty hose (nylon stocking)

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

  • You'll Need
  • hose (used and washed is fine even if there was a small snag) you get 4 rollers per, ya ken?  You do the math on how many you’d like.
  • scissors
  • polyfill (or stuffing from old pillow)
  • cap toTresemme moose (if you have it, to help measure stuffing)

Step 2: Cut

Cut legs off hose so you have two long tubes

Step 3: Cut Again

Cut each leg into 2 equal lengths

Step 4: Tie the Knot

Tie knot about 1 and 1/2 inch from one end, leaving other end open for now

Step 5: Get Filling Ready

Take handful of pillow filling to stuff your curler. I use the lid from my Tresemme mousse to measure the correct amount, I stuff that til it won't stuff any more and that's the correct amount. If you don't have a cap for the mousse anymore just eyeball it.

Step 6: Stuff

Stuff your stocking with the filling. It should be the size of a medium potato.

Step 7: Tie Another Knot

Tie a loose knot to hold your stuffing in like this for bigger curls. Feel free to use a permanent marker and put a smilie face on it.

Step 8: Use

Single longer curler showing how much hair you can get on one of these things!

Step 9: Admire

And come morning you'll have some lovely locks! Even if it's so bright before coffee that you have to wear shades like I did :-)

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