Introduction: Make Your Own Two Week Workout Plan.

In order to build endurance and habits when working out, a two week workout plan is a good way to start. it helps you start and gets harder as you get stronger.


paper or something to write on

pencil or something to write with


Step 1: Choose Your Workouts

7 different workouts work best but you can do as many or as little as you'd like, but for this tutorial I will use 7.

write the following on your paper:

1. lunges

2. squats

3. sit ups

4. wall sits

5. plank

6. runs

7. push ups

these will be what I use for the tutorial.

Step 2: Picking Starting Amount

now you will pick the amount of each workout you would like to start with. for this tutorial I will use 15.

write on your paper so it looks like this

day 1

1. lunges 15

2. squats 15

3. sit ups 15

4. wall sits 15

5. plank 15

6. runs 15

7. push ups 15

Step 3: Making It Harder

now on day 2 double the first workout but keep the rest the same. keep doing this until you've gotten to day 6 then double the last to on day 7. repeat this for the second week so that by the end of the second week you should be doing 60 each.

Step 4: Doing It Again

now try doing it again but start at a higher number. keep doing these and you'll feel and look great.