Introduction: Make a 15 Million Volt Bug Swatter

This Instructable will show you how to convert a weak store-bought electric fly zapper into a 15 Million Volt powerhouse that can incinerate the largest of bugs!

CAUTION - this project involves extremely high voltage and should be kept away from children! Do not ever touch anyone or yourself with the electrified end!

Step 1: Remove the Guts

For this project I used the body of a swatter I bought from Harbor Freight for $3. Remove and keep all the screw holding the zapper's black body together. (remove batteries first). Separate the body into two halves. Cut the wires that go from the switch on the side as close to the circuit board as you can to leave as much wire to the switch as possible. Cut the two wires leading from yellow swatter head as close to circuit board as possible.

Step 2: Remove Guts From Stun Gun

I purchased this 15 Million Volt Vipertek Stun Gun from ebay for about $12 shipped. Take the small screws out and separate the housing and remove everything.

USE CAUTION HERE! KEEP EVERYTHING SEPARATED and don't touch the bare wires.

Remove the switch that came on stun gun (the switch that came on the fly swatter will be used).

Remove the wall charger parts.

Remove flashlight and led parts.

Step 3: Modify Handle

Using a Dremel Tool, I removed plastic to allow the large transformer from the stun gun to fit into the handle. You want the transformer to be above the screw that holds body together and below the area where the yellow paddle installs.

Step 4: Install Stun Gun Parts

Using a soldering iron and shrink tubing do the following:

Solder the switch from the handle into the stun gun circuit.

For convenience, i added a charging plug to the battery pack. This allows me to charge through my hobby can use whatever type of plug/charger combo that gets the job done.

Bonus - the battery pack that comes with the stun gun is a 6 volt 250 ma. I will probably swap this out for a 6 volt 1000+ pack for long run times and less drop when zapping large bugs.

Solder the 2 wires that come from the transformer pack to the two wires on the yellow paddle. (make sure these are as far apart as possible and insulated well so it doesn't arc in the handle before getting to the metal grids.

Using hot glue, I secured the transformer and battery pack in the handle.

Give it a quick test.

Step 5: Close It Up and Insulate

Time to carefully close up the handle and reinstall the screws. Using electrical tape, put on several layers around the area we had to cut out for the transformer.

It's bug zappin' time!

When you press the button, you will hear a buzzing sound and will probably see some sparks on the metal grid as well around the perimeter of the swatter head. This is the spark jumping the gap and normal... When a swing it at a bug, once the bug comes into contact with the inner and outer grid at the same time, it will complete the circuit/make the shortest path for the spark to jump and will immediately zap the bug. Most stun guns tell you not to activate them for more than 5-10 seconds at a time.

Have fun and be careful!

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