Make a Beautiful DIY Organizer From Waste Silver Foil Box?




Introduction: Make a Beautiful DIY Organizer From Waste Silver Foil Box?

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Organizers have become a need these days and we all prefer to have some or the other form of organizer in our home. Here, we are going to make a beautiful and compact organizer from waste silver foil box. It is an easy to make craft and is very useful as well. It is mostly a jewelry holder and you can store several jewelries in it.

This is our best out of waste organizer craft idea!

Step 1: Things Needed

  • Cardboard Pipe
  • AluminiumFoil Box
  • Glitter Paper
  • Pencil
  • Cello Tape
  • Fevibond Glue
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Colors and Brushes
  • Rubber Band
  • Bead
  • Artificial Flower

Step 2: Let's Take a Cardboard Pipe & Aluminium Foil Box!

  • Let’s take a cardboard pipe and aluminium foil box. Cut out the flaps of the silver foil box and cut it open to make the craft.

Step 3: Let's Seal the Sides!

  • Now use cello tapes and fevibond glue and seal the sides of the foil box.

Step 4: Let's Color the Inner Surface!

  • Let’s take acrylic colors and paint the inner surface of the box. Leave it to dry.

Step 5: Let's Cut the Cardboard Pipe!

  • Take the cardboard pipe and cut it into small pieces of equal size. We need multiple such cut outs for the craft.

Step 6: Let's Paint the Pipe Pieces!

  • Now apply paint of different colors on these pipe pieces as well and leave it to dry.

Step 7: Let's Cover the Box With Glitter Paper!

  • Let’s take glitter paper and stick it on the outer surface of the foil box.

Step 8: Let's Arrange the Pieces in the Box!

  • Let’s arrange and paste the colored pieces of cardboard pipe inside the foil box.

Step 9: Let's Make the Opening/Closing of the Box!

  • Now take a rubber band and cut it.
  • Now make a hole in the upper flap and insert the rubber band into it.
  • Tie a knot at the other end. Take a bead and stick it on the lower portion. This will be the opening/closing point of the organizer.

Step 10: Let's Paste the Flower!

  • Let’s take an artificial flower and stick it on the insertion point of the rubber band to hide it. This completes the look of the organizer.

Wow! Your beautiful DIY organizer is now ready.

Step 11: ​Conclusion

This is a nice and compact organizer and can be easily made at home with minimal materials. It is basically a jewelry organizer and you can keep all your jewelries segregated in it. There are several compartments in it which makes the organizer all the more useful. Also, it is light weight and you can easily carry it anywhere with you.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Please do not forget to drop in your experiences and feedback in the comment section.

Happy Crafting!

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    2 years ago on Step 11

    I forgot to ask you one thing: could you please tell us how long to cut the pieces of the pipe so that we end up with the right number to fill the box? That would be SUPER helpful! Thanks! Steph in Dundas, Ontario


    2 years ago on Step 11

    Oh sweetheart! Ha! I must tell you that I had NO HOPE that our tutorial was going to yield anything GOOD! BOY was I WRONG! You have show me how to create something that cost almost NO MONEY and is going to be very, very USEFUL! to me! Thank you so very much!There are so many things I can thing of doing with these and they will save a LOT of space and make it very easy to find and get to the things I need.

    TEA would be a great thing to put into one of these lovely storage boxes, wouldn't it?! And I have a great many lots of small beads in little bags that I would love to put into those little slots you've created from the foil holder. Just WONDERFUL! You are so very clever. Good for you! Your idea is going to be incredibly helpful to me, AND look just great while helping me out too! I will look at your other tutorials for sure! Stephanie in Dundas, Ontario


    3 years ago

    Cute and clever!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Cool, so will you make it ? All the best friend!