Introduction: Make a Chalk Board Paint Can

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This is super easy, the hardest part is waiting on the paint to dry.

Step 1: Supplies

*Paint Can (or something else to paint)
*Cheap Black Paint
*Chalkboard Paint

To Add A Little Color

*Colored Spray Paint

Tip#1 When you buy the chalkboard paint, buy it at a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot.  I bought my can at a store and paid $12 for the can.  Then I went to Lowes and found the SAME can for $5.  

Tip#2 For like $3 I found a trigger for the spray paint.  Sometimes my hand cramps when I am using cheaper cans of spray paint.  The trigger helps SO much.  It also feels better when I use the "nicer" spray paints like Krylon and Valspar.

Step 2: Base Layer

Working outside in a well ventilated area spray the base coat.  Spray very lightly and do 2 or 3 coats to keep it from dripping.  If you are using 2 colors for the base paint the lightest first, then tape off the the areas you don't want to be painted the darker color, and paint again.  I was a little anxious to take a picture, and the spray paint mist was still in the air when I took the first picture, and it came out a BIT blurry.  This picture was after I added the 2nd color.

Step 3: Remove Tape

Pretty self explanatory.  The way I did it made stripes.  

Step 4: Tape Again

This time tape off the area you don't want to be covered with the chalkboard paint.  I did a stripe around the bottom.  Once again, I used scotch tape, but masking tape or painters tape would have been better, but that's not what I had around the house.

Step 5: Spray With Cheap Black Paint

Because you have to light layers, it can take 4 or 5 layers to completely cover it.  It is cheaper to paint the bottom layers with a paint that only cost $.96 a can.  My husband says you could only use the cheap stuff and forget the chalkboard paint, but I haven't tried it yet.  

Step 6: Spray With Chalkboard Paint

I sprayed 2 layers with the chalkboard paint, letting it dry between the layers to make sure it didn't run or drip.

Step 7: Remove Tape

Slowly, carefully peel off the tape.  

Step 8: Cover Up Any Stupid Mistakes

When I painted the top, it was on the ground.  The paint stirred up the dirt and landed on the paint.  It gave me an idea.  The dirt stuck to the paint, and looked bad, but if that stuck, wouldn't glitter?  I painted another layer of black on the lid, and quickly sprinkled it with sea foam green extra fine glitter.

After it dried I brushed it off and some of the glitter came off, but most of it stayed.

Step 9: Dry and Your Done

Make sure you let it dry enough.  My paint says let it dry 24 hours before you color on it with chalk.  I have used the brush on kind before and it said let it dry for 48 hours.  Just follow the instructions on the can/package.

I plan on putting the chalk IN the can so my niece can color ON the can.
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