Introduction: Make a Closure From Yarn

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In these times with restrictions due to curfew and/or closed shops, you can suddenly come across the fact that you have no closure and you can’t buy one anywhere.

It happened to me while making a bag, I did not want a regular button closure but a decorative one so I made one myself by crotchet and knotted one.

Thanks to years of sailing experience, I am quite familiar with knots. One of my favorites is the so called ‘ Monkey’s Fist'. This one is not only practical but also usable for many elegant purposes.

The yarn I used is cotton. Normally a Monkey’s Fist has a core but because this is a very small one which doesn’t need weight, I left the core out because otherwise it is almost impossible to tie. If the Monkey’s Fist does not remain in good shape, you can add some filling afterwards with a darning needle.


Cotton yarn 50g/175m (or other yarn, but not thinner)
Crochet hook (the label indicates crochet hook no 3 but because I crochet quite loosely I use 2.5)
Darning needle
Optional: filling (fiber fill or similar)

Step 1: The Eye or Loop of the Closure

Crochet a string of 30 chain stitches and 1 chain stitch to turn.
Turn and double crochet the next row and finish with a chain stitch to turn.
Finish the last row with slipstitches. Cut the thread to a size of 20 cm. With this thread close the loop about 1 to 1.5 cm and fasten off. Fasten off the other thread as well. The loop is now complete.

Step 2: The Monkey’s Fist

Crochet a string of chain stitches with a length of about one meter. This is quite long but makes knotting easier. Do not fasten off the threads. Anything that is crocheted too much will be removed when finished knotting.

Follow the drawing for knotting. Let hang about 10 cm when starting the turns. Make this button over two fingers. Each winding or coil has three turns. In total there are three windings or coils, that will be 9 turns.

Once all the windings have been made, the knot must be pulled. This is perhaps the most difficult step because you will very quickly make the mistake of pulling the wrong end of the yarn. Start by pulling on the 10 cm side (A) and work your way towards the end (B) of the thread. Thighten turn by turn and coil by coil.

If you can't find the next turn, gently pull the thread you see where the thread of the next turn is moving. Keep it up until the end. Do not pull tight, it is better (if still necessary) to go through this step twice. Model the Monkey’s Fist and fill with some filling if needed.

Determine how long the cord on the Monkey’s Fist should be. Do this by first pulling the Monkey’s Fist twice through the eye, because that is the length you need to close your closure. You also need cord length to attach on what you’re making. If you know how long the cord should be, make auxiliary threads in both cords.

Now loosen the ends and pull out the stitches you crochet to much. Remove the auxiliary threads and fasten again. Then sew the ends of the cords about 1 to 1.5 cm together and fasten off.

You now have a decorative closure.

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