Introduction: Make a Cryptic Calendar With Some Basic Stuff!

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Time plays a major role in our life. School sessions,meetings,gym schedule all are tracked in the calendars.

Plus ,this is not a usual calendar. This would work on for years. You dont't have to switch the calendar every year.

In this unique calendar the letters are so different.You mostly can't recognize what are those except you when you keep the window.

When,you want to see the calender from a long distance this would so useful.You can know what's the date and month so accurately.

So let's start making it.



Template for the calendar(optional)


Scissors or a blade.

Step 1: How It Works?

From picture 1 you can hardly understand what are the months.

But,from picture 2 you can clearly understand what is the month.

To understand this you have to make a window to that clearly fits the month.Also,seperate the letters.

Now,consider the inside part of the shaded thing. That clearly shows the month July.

That's how it works.

Step 2: Design

I got this template from the internet.If you want you can search for it. Now ,take the a printout of the template and start transferring the cryptic letters on the cardboard using a transfer paper or a carbon paper.

I didn't had taken this printout so I had to simply copy by sitting overnight.So I got some uneven measurements for the calendar.

So,I recommend you to take a printout of it.

Step 3: My Work of Designing

These images are my work on how I have done.

So, take a look on those!

Step 4: Windows

So, Next I started designing the windows .

Windows are needed to identify the cryptic letters.

These are really ideal for the project.

I took a piece of paper and started cuttting them in squares with the perfect measurements of the crypric letters.

Then ,I checked that the cryptic letters are perfectly clear or not.

Guess what?They were super clear!

The one in the template will perfectly fit the cryptic letters.

Step 5: Care the Thickness!

The calendar was really looking thin and it wasn't that attractive.

So,I added an another layer of cardboard on it with the exact measurement.

Before adding another piece of cardboard I added some small pieces of cardboard to make it extra thick.

Step 6: Borders and Darkening

I thought that the sides of the cardboard were looking a little bit messy, so I added a thin cardboard sheet to make it look better.

Now,darken the cryptic letters on the shaded part.

This looks good right now!

Step 7: Slide and Check!

Insert the slider and check everything.

Make any corrections if it has any defects.

Step 8: Customization

I tried different colors for the window.

Like the ones in the pictures.

Step 9: Days(Optional)

I already used the cryptic letters for the Months and the dates.

So I wanted the days to be unique.

I started off by taking a cardboard and adding a plane paper on it.

Then I wrote down all the lettes in Normal text (Not in cryptic letters).

To determine which day is on a particular date I again made a window for this.

The secret is that I added the lucky colors for the particular day.

So if I'm going out on monday I should wear an orange colored dress.

That's it!

Step 10: Stand

Where can you place these?

To place this calendar let's make a stand.

Take a carboard and make it enough thick to hold the calendar.

Cut some spaces on the stand in such a way that the calendar fits.

Insert and place it!

Step 11: Tips From My Side

1) When you have come to the end of the date 16 and you want the window to come on date 17 then dismantle/remove the slider and turn it 180 degrees and insert from the top.

2) I strongly recommend you to drill holes on the back of the calendar (not completely) and hang it on a wall. Making a stand is a whole lot mess ,but if you hang it on a wall it would look simple,good and even easy to slide and use.

Step 12: That's It

Thank you very much for taking a look on my instructable.

I hope so that you have liked it.

See you in my next one!

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