Introduction: Make a Cute Little DIY Purse From a Plastic Bottle?

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Is your cute teen fond of different types of purses? But quite choosy! Well, when it comes to purses and perfumes, girls are surely selective. Carrying different designs that are unique is basically their prime aim. Are you also looking for making a stylish yet simple purse? You are on the correct page.

Today, we shall learn how to make a purse using an unwanted plastic bottle and other decorative accessories.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Cardboard
  • Printed sheet
  • Color Sheet
  • Cello tape and glue
  • Rubber band, wire,and beads
  • Cutter and scissor

When you are ready with the things you would require, here are the steps to follow:

Step 2: Let's Take Plastic Bottles!

  • Take an old plastic bottle (mineral water bottle). Remove the sticker from the bottle and cut it using a cutter from the base and neck. This gives you the central round portion only.

Step 3: Let's Cut the Circles Out of Cardboard!

  • Take a cardboard and draw a circle using a pencil measuring the bottle. Cut two similar circles for the sides of the bottle. Also cut a cardboard strip with the measurement of the bottle. With a scissor, cut the plastic bottle to open it completely.

Step 4: Let's Cover the Circles!

  • Using a cutter and scale, cut some portion (around half an inch) straight on the circle. Similarly, cut from the other circle too.
  • Using a printed sheet, cover both the circles and the cardboard strip using glue. Cover from both sides.

Step 5: Let's Cut Plastic Bottle!

  • Now take a scissor and cut the plastic bottle into three different parts. Join 2 of the plastic bottle parts again using cello tape.

Step 6: Let's Cover the Plastic Bottle!

  • Take a printed sheet and cover the plastic bottle using some glue. Also, cover the third strip of a plastic bottle with the printed sheet.

Step 7: Let's Join Cardboard Strip & Circles!

  • Take the printed cardboard strip and circles too. Join the circles at the end of the cardboard strip.

Step 8: Let's Join Plastic Bottle & Circular Cardboard!

  • Now take the joint plastic bottle and stick it to the circular cardboard using glue. Take the plastic bottle strip and stick it on the opposite side of the plastic bottle.

Step 9: Let's Fix Rubber Band & Bead!

  • Now take a rubber band, metal wire,and a bead. Using a pointer, insert the rubber band on the opening plastic bottle to give it a hook-like part. Enter the bead inside the wire and fix the wire inside the opposite side of the rubber band. Fix it properly using glue. This gives the purse an opening and closing button.

Step 10: Let's Stick Beads on the Base!

  • Take four beads and stick it on ends the base of the cardboard strip for giving it a stand like a look.

Step 11: Let's Make Handle!

  • For making the handle, take a cardboard strip and wrap it using the printed sheet. Apply some glue on the end of the strip and stick it to both the sides of the purse for giving the purse a handle.

Step 12: Conclusion

There you go! Your adorable clutch or purse is ready to use. The floral printed sheet makes it additionally beautiful for your daughter. It is widely used for storing various belongings like jewelry, keys, nail paints, and what not. So, are you ready to make this lovely clutch!