Introduction: Make an Easter Bonnet From Recycled Paper Sacks

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With just a few supplies found around the house you can be the hit of the Easter Parade.


2 paper grocery bags

1 masking tape

1 coffee can

(Optional) Decoration for your hat

(Optional) Child safe paint for your hat

(Optional) You can use other materials such as wrapping paper, newspaper, coffee filters, or any other material that is applicable.

Step 1: Cut Two Paper Grocery Bags Completely Open and Join Together With Masking Tape

Step 2: Center Your Paper Sacks Over a Coffee Can and Cinch Down the Sides With Both Hands.

Step 3: Wrap Masking Tape Around Sack Material at the Base of the Coffee Can.

Step 4: Trim Edges of Paper Material Into the Shape You Like for the Brim of Your Hat.

Step 5: Decorate Hat or Paint.