Cats are great companions and friends and they come equipped with sharp toenails.  I've never believed in the whole de-clawing thing, I won't have the ends of my buddy's fingers removed just for the sake of saving a couch.  But, cats want and need to scratch.  So, I make mine their own scratching boards.   Virtually free!! And, they are an excellent way to re-cycle some corrugated cardboard, get some great use out of it, and then RECYCLE IT AGAIN!!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

What you'll need:

Fresh, flat corrugated cardboard. Like, almost any cardboard box, bigger is better.
A sharp pocket knife or utility knife
A work surface you can cut on
A yardstick or some other straighedge and inch or two wide
some glue, like Elmer's (TM) or Titebond (TM).

Oh.....and at least one cat with claws.

Step 2: Getting Started:

Start by cutting the corrugated into strips using the knife and straighedge. These strips should be 18" or so long and at least an inch wide. Be sure to cut them so you can see the zig-zags inside the cardboard.

When you have cut enough so that they are 5-8" wide when all stacked together you can start glueing. I use just a little trail of glue on each one. There is no need to completely cover the surface. Just a pencil lead sized line on each one is OK.
Spread the glue and squish the first two together. Then add the third, and so on, till you have the whole group glued and assembled. I use some clamps i have handy, but you could lay the whole thing on the floor, up against the wall and slide some heavy books up against it till the glue dries.

It makes a nicer job if you save out one strip, cut in half and glued against the end of the newly assembled scratching board. That will help to keep it all together when your cat really gets going on it.

It is nice to make all the pieces perfect.......or PURR-FECT, but the cats don't really seem to care if one or two strips might be a little bit off.

We use just a sprinkle of powdered catnip on the board to get the cats started and then they will have the time of their lives digging away. Flip it over when it gets worn. Recycle it and make another. Make lots and give them as gifts or sell them at craft fairs. Be nice to your cats, they might be the best friends you have.