Introduction: Make a Leather Billfold Out of an Old Pair of Gloves

Do you have an old pair of worn leather gloves? If so, you can turn them into a nice billfold wallet! It isn't too hard, and can be finished in under two hours!


A pair of old leather gloves

Pocketknife with a knife, scissors, and leather punch



Step 1: Cut the Gloves

On the pinkie side of the gloves, cut the threads holding the seam together all the way up to the end of the pinkie. Do this for both gloves.

Step 2: Cut the Gloves

Cut the gloves with your scissors at the base of the thumb. You are going to keep the section without the fingers, so try to keep as much leather on the other side as you can. Do this for both gloves.

Step 3: Sewing Pt. 1

Thread your needle with lots of thread. Then, put the outsides of the glove pieces together and sew one of the short ends together. There should be holes from the old thread that you can stick your needle through. If not, use your leather punch to create holes.

Step 4: Sewing Pt. 2

Flip the pieces over, so the insides are now touching. Then, with your leather punch, create holes along the long bottom edge of the pieces, with one side overlapping the other. Then, thread the needle through the holes to sew the pieces together.

Step 5: Sewing Pt. 3

Turn the wallet inside out yet again. Sew the final short edge of the leather pieces together the same way you did the first.

Step 6: Finished!

Turn the billfold inside-out (yes, again). The wallet is finished!

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