Introduction: Make a Maleficent Headpiece Costume

This instructable will show you how to make a Maleficent headpiece.

Step 1: Make a Full Scale Drawing

Make a full scale drawing of the headpiece. You will need this later when sculpting the horns to get the shape and proportions right.

Step 2: Horns

I used a tub of cheap air hardening clay. You don't need it to harden, but that is what I found that was inexpensive. Roll the clay into a log, divide it equally, then form it into two cones. I also took 2 pieces of heavy wire that would hold their shape, and inserted the wire down the middle of each cone.

Step 3: Shape the Horns

Shape the two horns. Go back to the full scale drawing to make sure they match the plan. Also, it's hard to see in the photo, but the horns actually spiral a bit, in opposite directions, similar to a rams horns. Also, the horns angle back on the headpiece quite a bit, so take that into account too.

Step 4: Wrap Horns Tightly in Plastic Wrap

Wrapping the horns in plastic will enable you to remove the clay later. It also prevents the clay from hardening, which is necessary for removal later.

Step 5: Paper Mache the Horns

I didn't have any newspaper handy, so I used brown craft didn't work too well. I ended up going back over it again with newspaper after it dried. For the paper mache, cut paper in strips and soak them a minute or so in a water/glue mixture (about 1:1). Then apply the strips to the horns and let dry before the next step. I put plastic wrap down on the table too to prevent the glue from sticking. Make sure the shape is right before leaving them to dry overnight.

Step 6: Make the Scull Cap

Blow up a balloon to the size of the persons head, and apply paper mache. Form the widows peak in the front. Refer back to your full scale drawing to get the widows peak right.

Step 7: Remove the Clay Cores

After they are completely dry, slit the horn and remove the clay core. it should come out easily. Take masking tape and repair the slit in the hollow horn. It doesnt have to be continuous, but should add the strength back into it. Do this for both horns.
Pop the balloon in the scull cap. I don't have a photo of it, but also make a slit up the back of the scull cap. This is necessary to get it on. Next, try on the skull cap. It probably won't look quite right. Make additional sits in the scull cap, then overlap the edges, or fill in the gaps with masking tape until the skull cap matches the head shape.

Step 8: Make Some L Braces and Attach to Horns

Test fit the horns to the scull cap. Remember, the horns
horns angle back quite a bit on the cap. Trim the end of the horn to make a tight fit. Next, make about 10 L Braces and hot glue them to the inside of the horn. Do this for both horns. Mark the cap where you want the horns to attach.

Step 9: Attach the Horns

Hot glue the tabs to the skull cap.
Then run a bead or two of hot glue around the horn where it touches the skull cap. Try it on again, and make any final shape or fit adjustments.

Step 10: Spiral Wrap the Horns With Jute

Wrap the horns with jute. I used a blob of hot glue every wrap or two to keep it in place. This forms the texture of the horns.

Step 11: Tape the Horns.

Using electrical tape, spiral wrap the horns. Start at the tip and bury the end in the next wrap. Continue wrapping all the way to the skull cap.

Then wrap the skull cap with electrical tape with an overlapping diagonal pattern to make it look woven.

Step 12: Finish the Slit in the Back

I didn't take a good photo of it, but the slit in the back is needed to get the scull cap on. I used electrical tape to create a tab near the bottom. A self adhesive velcro pad keeps the tab overlapped, and the slit closed.

Step 13: Add Collar and Choker

The collar was made from corrugated cardboard. There are shoulder pads also made from cardboard that keep them in place. It was then covered with electrical tape too.

The choker around the neck was a band of cloth with a velcro closure and electrical tape covering it. The cloth is used to make it more comfortable.

Have fun!

if you make your own Maleficent horns, please post a picture.

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