Make a Mini Grapple Gun!

Introduction: Make a Mini Grapple Gun!

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Make cool a mini grapple gun using household materials.

What you need-

  • Clicker pen with spring
  • Paper clips
  • Piece of round Lego or something similar
  • Lolly stick
  • Miniature headphone clip or something similar
  • strong cotton or string


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 1: Make the Grapple

Cut a length (about 3 inches) of an ink refill tube from inside a clicker pen. Then glue one end of the spring from the pen to the centre. To create the grapple remove the plastic end section of the re fill tube and remove the nib. Position 3 chopped ends from paper-clips in to the end section and glue in place. Use electrical tape to secure the hook to the re fill tube.

Step 2: The Gun

Cut off two ends from a lolly tick. One being 1 and a half inches and the other being 1 inch. Glue them in to a gun shape as shown. Now you need to find something that will allow the the tube to slide through but secure the spring.I used a small round piece of Lego. Glue to the rear of the gun.

For the spool I used the plastic outer section found towards the tip of the pen. Glue this to the edge of the clip making sure it can still open and close once glued in place. Now the grapple should be abple to be locked in to place by the clip and fire when the clip is opened.

I used strong cotton for the string. Use the desired length of string and tie one end to the clip and the other below the grapple. Then coil the string around the outer pen section.

Step 3: Ready to Fire!

Now you're ready to go! Open the clip and push the grapple through the Lego piece. The grapple should lock n to place and fire when you press the clip.

If you'v got a bad aim you can always add mini neodymium magnets to the end!

Have fun

Check out the video of this project -

Step 4:

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    3 years ago

    can a sling shot be used instead of a spring?

    rdel mundo
    rdel mundo

    7 years ago

    can I use ordinary glue

    rdel mundo
    rdel mundo

    7 years ago

    hey mist8k I love your creations