Make a Ornithopter at Home Easy.

Introduction: Make a Ornithopter at Home Easy.

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Today I will show you how to make a ornithopter at home.I will show you briefly how to make this.


Stick,String,Wood,Iron wire,Rubber band,Polythene,Glue,Scissor.

Step 1: Make a Triangle Using Stick.

Take 3 sticks and bind them as a triangle like the image.Then attach them with glue.

Step 2: Adding Pen

Take the insider tube of a pen and cut them like the first image in three part.Then add the cutted tube like the second image.

Step 3: Working With Stick and Iron Wire.

Take iron wire and bend them by 90° two times.Then attach the bended iron wire with the sticks.

Step 4: Icecream Stick.

Take icecream stick and cut them into two pieces.Then make a hole at both parts of the icecream stick like the first image.Take iron wire and bend them like the second image.Then take the icecream stick put them into the bended iron wire like the third image.

Step 5: Use the Sticks of Step-4

Take sticks from step 4 then attach them at the front part of the triangle made in step-1
like the image.

Step 6: Attaching Iron Wire at the Back Part of the Triangle.

Take two iron wires and bend them like the image.Then attach them at the back part of the triangle.

Step 7: Adding Polythene With It.

Take polythene and put it like the image.Then cut it like the image and attach it with the
Ornithopter using glue.

Step 8: Last Step Adding Rubber Band.

Take three or four rubber band and attach it with the ornithopter like the image.

Step 9: Testing the Ornithopter

Now its time to test

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    2 years ago

    Needs a clear set of instructions and better pictures to represent each step. The final steps are very vague and doesn't look like the final result

    Pyro jackson
    Pyro jackson

    2 years ago

    very good Idea but very poorly written, no data given and no clear instructions.
    Please re write it with dimensions and clearer information