Introduction: Make a Paper Ship at Home

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Things needed
1. thick cardboard pieces-Full is recommended
2. paper pieces or full sheets
3. uniform wooden sticks
4. Board cutting knife and scissors
5. paper gum
6. paint
7. pins

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard Sheet Into Shapes Shown in the Below Picture

Assume a scale of base : shape 4 radius = 7":1". and cut the rest shapes according to the size in the picture, the size of the ship will depend on you.
Cut 5 pieces in shape 4, 2 pieces in shape 3, 2 pieces in shape 2 and 1 piece for shape 1.
cut a small gap in every pieces as shown in the picture to attach with the base board.

Step 2: Arrange the Shapes in the Base Shown in the Below Pictures

paste the shapes with the base using the gum and you can reduce the height of some the shape 4 in the middle columns to form decks in the ship. (Image 1)
after the arrangement check whether the shapes are in a uniform arrangement like in the picture below (Image 2)
After the gums dry paste the paper pieces along the curves of the shapes, after completion the ship is almost ready and will be like in the shown ship like pictures.(Ship hulls)

Step 3: Finishing

Attach the flag pole with uniformly shaped sticksyou can make the sail mats with the paper or piece of cloth, then attach sticks wherever you like in the base board with super glue adhesive or staple it before covering the top part of the ship. and cover the top part of the ship with the paper piece using gum.
Paint the ship as you like...
Now the ship is ready for the showcase...!!

Step 4: Make a Stand for the Ship

Prepare a stand using card board like shown in the picture to give ground support for the ship.

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