Introduction: Make a Pin Cushion Out of a Vintage Jewelry Box or Coffee Cup

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This is a fast and easy way to make a pin cushion. This would make a great gift for any sewing lover. It takes only 10 minutes and looks cute as a button when you're finished!

Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Will Need:
-Vintage Jewelry Box, Coffee Cup, or anything that is round and has some depth to it
-12" by 12" piece of fabric
-Scrap Fabric or some type of fill
-Glue Gun, Tacky Glue, or any type of glue that has a good hold
-Rubber Band
-Pins for your pin cushion

Step 2: Lets Begin!

1. Start by cutting out a 12" by 12" Square

2. Lay your 12" by 12" square down and put a wad of scrap fabric or fill in the middle

3. Pinch all four corners of the fabric together and wrap your rubber band around it.

Make sure your ball of fabric fits into your jewelry box/cup well before gluing it in.
You may have to make your fabric square a little smaller if it doesn't fit into your box/cup well.

Step 3: Fluff and Glue

1. Put the fabric ball rubber band side down into your box/cup.

2. Fluff it out a little bit, so it looks nice and full.

If you want you can add some glue to the bottom before putting the fabric ball in.

3. Glue it in. Set the fabric ball in the box/cup and glue it to the box/cup.

Make sure to get around the edges where the ball meets the box/cup.



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Happy Crafting!