Introduction: Make a Poopa Scoopa

What is a Poopa Scoopa?

This device is made from a plastic milk container (commonly used in Australia) and cut in a way to make it into a scoop with a handle and a stick from an ice-cream to push animal number 2's into the scoop for disposal later.

This is a safe way to regularly collect animal droppings from a backyard and put in a safe place to dispose of in one bag once the scoop is full.

If you let the droppings dry, you can use a paper bag or newspaper etc rather than a plastic bag. Yes any way to reduce the use of plastic bags is great for saving our environment!

Step 1: How to Make One Video

A simple step by step video on making the Poopa Scoopa and also a handy container with a handle to reuse old milk containers.

Step 2: What You Will Need

  • milk containers
  • scissors
  • knife
  • ice-cream sticks

Step 3: Making the First Cut

Hold the milk container by the handle and use the sharp knife (don't cut yourself) to cut from just below the handle to the bottom corner.

Repeat the step on the other side to the other bottom corner.

Step 4: Complete the Cutting

Use a pair of scissors to cut from one side to the other from the bottom corners of your two cuts.

Also cut between the two top cuts below the handle if needed.

You can put the piece you removed into the recycling or let me know if you have some ideas for this piece we have removed?

Step 5: Add the Scooping Stick

You can now add the ice-cream stick inside the handle for storage. By putting the stick into the handle it keeps any stray poo out of harms way to use again for more poo collections.

Step 6: Storing Poopa Scoopas

These handle scoops store nicely inside each other and you can stack as many as you want for later use.

You can take a few on holidays with you and your pet as they do not take up much space in the completed form.