Introduction: Make a Rainbow Fan From Duct Tape

About: Hi there! My name is Barbara and i have a 3 year old son!

There is nothing better than having one of your children catch the crafting bug from you! My niece Maddie is 10 years old and loves to craft with me. We even have our own tables facing each other so we can create together. Recently she got inspired and went to work creating this awesome fan with colorful blades. I have to say it is pretty cool when she turns it on – the blades swirl into a rainbow when they’re spinning around!

Upright fan: on hand

Duck tape: on hand varies in cost

Scissors: on hand

Step 1:

Clean the fan blades with soap and water, then dry them off. Make sure to really get them dry.

Step 2:

This is where the fun begins. Chose what colors you want to place on your blades. The bright and more contrast colors the best. As you can see here Maddie is covering the blades with no right or wrong way. You only need to cover one side of the fan blades because you won’t see the back.

If there are wrinkles or air bubbles don’t stress you’ll never see them after you put the fan screen back on.

Step 3:

Put your fan back together. This may be the trickiest part. Maddie had to show me how because I couldn’t figure it out. I am always amazed at how smart my kids are — they are always teaching me a thing or two!

Step 4:

Turn it on and let the blades spin to give you a colorful show. As I was writing this post I started wondering how cool it would be to make the blades glow… hmmm I see a craft project in my future.