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Introduction: Make a Sander Tool for Drill Machines - Easy Refill

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In this instructable, you will learn how to make a very simple detachable sander tool for all drill machines. The project is so simple that can be made in less than a minute without any deep knowledge about tools and machinery.


  1. Wood Polishing
  2. Metal Polishing
  3. Rust Removal
  4. Tool Sharpening

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Step 1: Requirements:

Stuff Needed:

  1. drill machine
  2. Sandpaper
  3. scissors
  4. 8 mm cylindrical metal rod of length 10 cm

There are many types of sandpapers available in the market.Choose anyone of those depending on your work (Wood or Metal).

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Step 2: Construction:

Cut out a rectangular portion of the sandpaper & make sure that it is big enough to cover up the entire metal rod. Cover the metallic rod with the sandpaper as shown in the picture.

Take a drill machine and insert the sandpaper covered metal rod into its drill chuck. Make sure that the sandpaper is evenly distributed on the surface of the metal cylinder and then tight up the drill chuck.

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Step 3: Testing:

Take a rusted metal and start your drill machine.Simply rub the sander tool on the surface of the rusted metal and you should see that it easily clears off the rust thereby making the metal nice and shiny again.

Continue doing that until the rust gets completely removed.You can also use the same for wood/metal polishing. Keep changing the sandpaper after it wears off.

So guys that was all for this instructable.


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    3 years ago on Step 3

    A much better solution for rust removal would be electrolysis.