Introduction: Make a Saw Blade Knife With Plywood Handle

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There are so many ways to make a knife, this is one of them.

Watch the Video Before you Make it for more Details!

In this article i show you how i made my first one, with limited tools and a unique design, the plywood handle and the carbide tooth are pretty unusual design elements.

Tools needed:

• Belt Sander
• Angle Grinder
• Sand Paper
• Drill Bit
• Sharpie
• Drill (for polishing)
• Some kind of saw to cut the material for the handle
• Rasp & File to make things quicker

Materials needed:

• Circular Saw Blade
• Plywood scrap
• 2 part epoxy
• Varnish or wax (for handle protection)
• Wood glue

Step 1: Shaping the Knife

Draw your desired shape to the saw blade with a sharpie, Cut it out carefully, trying to not overheat the saw blade by making shallow light passes with the angle grinder, Use a thin cut off wheel. If needed you can cool down the blade with some water.

After you cut out the rough shape you can refine your knife using a file and a belt sander. remove the rust from the blade while you there if necessary.

Step 2: Grinding Your Bewel

Take your sharpie and paint the cutting edge black, to make the scratch we are making afterwards more visible.

Now look for a Drill bit in size matching to your knife thickness, lay them both on a flat surface and scratch along the painted side of the blade with the point of the bit to revile the center from the blade. flip the knife on the other side and repeat.

Now you have the middle of the cutting edge. This line helps you see where the bevels should meet.

To make the bevel you need a scrap piece of wood for helping you maintain an even bevel. I took a 2x4 piece and cut a 15degree side on it. then clamp your blade to the 15degree side. Slowly move the workpiece on the sander trying to not overheat it. Check your progress regularly so that you don't go over the center line that we made earlier. When you reached the marking flip the blade and repeat on the other side until the two sides meet up on the line.

Step 3: Heat Threatening

You can find more detailed instructions on how to threaten a blade the right way here on Instructables.

You don't need fancy stuff for it. Just be Careful!!!!!!

I took my old beat-up charcoal grill , some charcoal, some pliers, a bucket with motor oil,a magnet, and a hot air gun (you can take a hair dryer to).

Step 4: Making the Handle

Take a piece of 3/4 plywood that wide enough to cut it in two strips so you can glue them back together turn to the side to revile the layered look.

Glue and Clamp them together let it dry. Cover the Sharp Blade in some painters tape to avoid hurting yourself in the process of gluing and shaping the handle.

Mix up some two part epoxy and spread the glue evenly on both handle sides. Clamp the knife and let the epoxy cure over night!

Step 5: Make It to Fit Your Hand!

Shape your handle using the belt sander to rough shape. Clamp the knife carefully try to not damage the blade and refine it with a strip of sandpaper going from lower grits 80 up to 400.

Step 6: Make It Pretty and Use It!

After removing the masking tape, take fine grit wet-dry sandpaper to polish the blade up to 2000 grit.

Use a buffing wheel and some buffing compound to reach a mirror finish, apply some Varnish or wax mixture to protect the handle and you are DONE!

I Hope You have so much fun like i did making this knife!

If you have any questions please leave it in the comment section, i do my best to help you!

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