Introduction: Baby Yoda Mini Figure (polymer Clay)

This tutorial will show you how to sculpt this adorable tiny Baby Yoda figure with polymer clay !

This figure is only 5,5 cm (2") tall. It's very easy and fun to make. :)

Step 1: Gather the Material !

Tools & material :
● Light Green and white polymer clay

● Air dry clay ("velvet clay")

● Pink eyeshadow and light skin powder foundation (or chalk pastel)

● Green, beige, brown and black acrylic paint

● E6000 glue (or hot glue)

● Plastic wrap

● Flat sculpting tool

● Ball stylus tool

● Black marker pen

● Toothpicks

● Paintbrushes

● Rolling Pin

● Tiny pair of scissors

● Cotton pad

● Epoxy resin

● Adhesive tape

● Parchment paper

● Brown or "taupe" piece of fabric

● Beige washcloths

● Dark Brown felt sheet

● Needle and thread

Step 2: Make the Eyes (Part 1 : Print and Paint the Irises)

First, you will need to print the pdf file for the eyes.

You can make the eye pupils darker with a black marker pen.

Add more details to the iris with white acrylic paint. Use a thin paint brush to apply white acrylic paint around the pupil as shown in the pictures. This will give more depth to the iris pattern.

You will only need to make two irises ! :)

Step 3: Make the Eyes (Part 2 : Cut the Paper Irises)

Once the paint has dried, carefully cut out the iris with a small pair of scissors.

Step 4: Make the Eyes (Part 3 : Sculpt the Eye Balls)

First, print a picture of "baby yoda" for reference ! :)

Next, take a small chunk of white polymer clay and roll it into a ball. Make two tiny white balls of clay about 1⁄2-inch (12mm). Use a ball stylus tool to carve small holes on the tiny balls of clay. The holes should be wide enough for the iris.

Place the paper irises inside the holes, and gently press them down to make them stick to the white polymer clay.

Step 5: Make the Eyes (Part 4 : Bake the Clay)

Place the eyes on parchment paper and bake the clay in a kitchen oven.
Follow manufacturer's instructions on the package => for Fimo polymer clay : 230°F (110°C) for 30 minutes. Remove the polymer clay from the oven and let cool before the next step.

Step 6: Sculpt Tiny Hands

Yoda's species are “tridactyl”, so we're going to sculpt 3 fingers for each hands. :)

Take a chunk of light green polymer clay and make 6 thin log shapes.

Assemble 3 log shapes and press them together. Use a ball stylus tool to blend the seams between each fingers.

Next, flatten a small round piece of clay and place it on top of the fingers as shown in the pictures.

Trim off the excess clay and make sure the fingers are thinner towards the tip. Soften the edges with a ball stylus tool.

Create the folds of skin where the fingers bend with an X-acto knife.

Use the ball stylus tool again to blend the seams and carve the nail beds.

In order to make the nails, you will need to sculpt very small tear drop shapes with light green polymer clay. Place them at the tip of the fingers and gently place them into the nail beds.

Step 7: Let's Sculpt the Feet !

Use the same technique to make the feet.

Step 8: Add a Little Color to the Hands and Feet

In the reference pictures, "the child" has slightly yellow nails. So in this step we will be adding a little touch of beige/yellow color on his nails and toenails.

You can use a thin paintbrush to apply light skin foundation powder on the nails.

Dust off the excess powder and use a Q-tip to clean up any mistake or smudge.

Step 9: Sculpt the Face

Take a chunk of light green polymer clay and roll it into a ball.

Use a ball stylus tool to carve the eye cavities. Next, insert the cured polymer clay eyes inside the eye cavities.

Press down the eyes and sculpt the lower and upper eyelids. You will need to smooth the clay and soften the edges with a round tipped sculpting tool.

Carve the nostrils with a toothpick (simply poke two holes between the eyes) and sculpt the nose.

Use a toothpick to sculpt the mouth. Carve the lower lip with a small ball stylus tool.

Sculpt a few wrinkles on the forehead of baby yoda with a soft flexible sculpting tool.

Step 10: Sculpt His Adorable Ears !

Roll two small lumps of clay and flatten them with a rolling pin.
Use an X-acto knife to trim off the excess clay. Sculpt those large almond shaped ears as shown in the pictures. Curve the top of the ears slightly inward. Fold the ears with your fingers and use a ball stylus tool to add extra details.

Carve the base of the ears and you're done !

Step 11: Attach the Ears to the Head

Use a flat sculpting tool to attach the base of the ears to the head of baby yoda.

Step 12: Add Color and Shading to the Face

You will need a tiny bit of light skin foundation powder and some pink blush.

Use a small make up brush to apply pink blush on baby yoda's cute little face (and inside his ears).

Blend the blush with a larger makeup brush and some light skin foundation power.

Step 13: Bake the Clay (again)

This time you will need to bake the polymer clay again in a kitchen oven.

Place the hands, feet and head on parchment paper and bake the clay-> 230°F (110°C) for 30 minutes.

Step 14: Sculpt the Legs With "velvet" Clay

In this step we will not be using Fimo polymer clay !

I made the arms, legs and belly with "velvet clay".

The brand of clay I'm using is very lightweight, soft and flexible. And the best part is that it doesn't need baking. :)

First, I mixed a small amount of green, brown, black and beige acrylic paint with the velvet clay.

Then, I roughly sculpted two small log shapes for the legs.

I attached the tiny feet to the legs and smoothed the clay with a ball stylus tool.

Squeeze the tiny legs together and make sure they can stand on their own.

Step 15: Let's Make the Torso With "velvet Clay"

Take small chunk of green air dry clay and roll it into a ball.

Next, gently press it down above the legs of the figure.

You can carve a tiny belly button if you want with a ball stylus tool ! ;)

Step 16: Create the Arms

I used velvet clay to sculpt two bean shapes for the arms.

Then, I connected the polymer clay hands with the velvet clay arms.

With a ball stylus tool, I blended the seams between the two types of clay.

Step 17: Assemble the Body

Attach the body parts to the torso with a drop of water and you're done. :)
Allow the clay to completely dry for 72 hours !

Step 18: Make the Eyes (Part 5 : Epoxy Resin)

Once the polymer clay has completely cooled down, pour any resin/epoxy of your choice inside the eye cavities.

Use a toothpick to add the resin one drop at a time.

Allow the resin to cure for at least two days.

Step 19: Baby Hairs !

For this step you will need to use a cotton pad and some glue.

First, tear open the cotton pad and spread a small amount of glue on top of baby yoda's head and ears.

Then, press the cotton pad against the head of the clay figure. The cotton fibers should stick to the glue and start to look like cute baby hairs.

"Dab" the cotton on the glue a few times and you're done !

Step 20: Make the Outfit

First, gather the material ! You will need taupe colored fabric, brown felt, hot glue and some beige washcloths.

Using a pastel crayon, I drew a simple pattern for baby yoda's clothes on a piece of brown felt.

Then, I cut out the pattern and adjusted it to baby yoda's tiny body.

I wrapped a piece of taupe fabric around baby yoda's body and held it in place with a safety pin.

Next, I used an old beige cotton washcloths for the "fur" around the collar and sleeves.

I sewed baby yoda's outfit and glued the head of the figure with a hot glue gun. You can also use E6000 glue instead of hot glue.

Once you're done, let the glue dry well (allow to fully cure for at least 24 hours).

Step 21: Enjoy !

Have fun with your very own pocket-sized baby yoda figure !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)

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