Introduction: Make a Simple Pin Board Out of Recycled Materials

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Here I will show you how to make a super cute, creative pin board out of cardboard and empty rolls of toilet paper!

Step 1:


  • Old Cardboard Boxes/Pieces of Cardboard
  • Old Empty (clean) Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Paint (whichever color you like)
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Exacto Knife or Cutter
  • Scissors (to cut the cardboard, you can use the Exacto Knife, depends on your skills)
  • A Small Container (to put the paint in)

Step 2:

First, sketch out the desired dimensions on the cardboard, the size that you want your pin-board to be, if you can get two pieces of cardboard that are the same exact size that you want your pin-board to be, that would be ideal.

Step 3:

Next, take your two pieces of cardboard that are the same size and glue them together with hot glue. (first pic)

So the final product looks like this! (second pic)

Step 4:

The next step is to fold your toilet paper rolls in half.

Step 5:

Now, I always like to use my cardboard piece to measure how thick to cut the petals of our flowers from the toilet paper rolls so that the entire project has the same depth, but as long as they are all the same size, you can do whatever is easiest for you. This is how I do it...


Step 6:

Each toilet paper rolls will make approximately make two and a half flowers, or 10 petals, but it depends on the thickness of your cardboard. After your petals are cut, you use the hot glue gun again to put a dab of glue in on corner of the petal.

You will use 4 petals to make each flower. I always cut all my pieces and make all my flowers at the same time so I don't have to keep grabbing for the glue gun.

Step 7:

Once your flower is complete, (make sure you give your flowers a little bit of time to completely dry) you will put two dabs of glue on the corners of two petals on the same side of the flower in order to attached the completed flower to the cardboard base that you already made.

Step 8:

So as you are putting pieces together, remember that the cardboard is very flexible and can accommodate different ideas easily. Don't be afraid to get creative and try different designs or patters. NEXT, its time to paint. I choose to paint everything black but you can use whichever color matches your decor or anything you want! :) I use to coats of paint in order to make it look as even and professional as possible. You will want to paint the cardboard as well as the toilet paper rolls.

TIP: You can paint the base and the rolls two different colors if you want to.

Step 9:

So, you can stop here, or if you want to add just a little bit more detail, this is what I did to give my pin board a little bit more depth. I chose a pink and yellow hue. Just moisten a little brush with the desired color, remove the excess on a piece of cardboard, paper or fabric. and slowly paint over the base color. This will give you just a little bit of color, but not completely cover your base color.

To set the color I use mod podge matte, either spray or liquid.

Step 10:

The you are ready to put pictures, earrings, cutouts or whatever you want. As you can see here, I repeated the process various times and connected all the smaller pin boards into a large design, but you can style it however you want! IT'S FUN! :)

Please feel free to give suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!


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