Introduction: Succulent Jewelry Set With Polymer Clay

This tutorial will show you how to make a Succulent Jewelry Set with Polymer Clay!

My mother and I absolutely love succulent plants! So I wanted to make a simple jewelry set that would look really cute and realistic. :)
The necklace and earrings are inspired by a succulent plant known as "Echeveria". Echeveria succulents look very appealing with their stunning green colors and geometric rosette shapes. For the ring, I was also inspired by adorable jelly beans succulent (Sedum pachyphyllum) that has tiny pink-tipped leaves.

Step 1: Gather the Material !

Tools & material :

● Green and white polymer clay

● Pink eyeshadow (or chalk pastel)

● Silver chain

● Earring hooks

● Three silver eye pins

● Four silver jump rings

● Silver lobster clasp

● Silver spring ring clasp

● Silver ring mount

● E6000 glue (or hot glue)

● Plastic wrap

● Flat sculpting tool

● Toothpicks

● Paintbrushes

● Rolling Pin

● Pliers

● Parchment paper

Step 2: Sculpt Echeveria Succulents With Polymer Clay

Let's sculpt a small Echeveria succulent with polymer clay !

You will need to sculpt three Echeveria succulents : two for the earrings, one for the necklace.

For this succulent sculpture, I would recommend using Fimo soft n°55 (green olive).

First, take a small chunk of green polymer clay.

Roll it into a ball and split it into 2 equal parts. Each part will be used to make the earrings.

Each succulent will have 15 leaves. So you will need make 30 tiny balls of clay for the earrings and 2 even smaller balls of clay for the succulent bud.

Use a rolling pin to flatten the clay. Shape the leaves into a tear drop shape with the tip of your fingers or a flat sculpting tool.

Sculpt a very tiny bud shape as shown in the picture. Slightly flatten the ball and cut it in 3 parts with your sculpting tool. This will be the center of your succulent sculpture.

Next, you will need to wrap 6 tiny leaves around the center in overlapping layers. Attach the leaves by gently pressing them together.

Assemble the 9 leaves left in a flat circular pattern as shown in the picture. This will give the succulent a lovely rosette shape. Once your done arranging the leaves, place the tiny green succulent bud at the center of the leaves.

Optional :

I strongly recommend using plastic wrap or freezer paper to protect your work surface. Uncured polymer clay can dissolve/soften polystyrene plastic. Here's a great post about plastic compatible with polymer clay:

Polymer clay might stain your work surface and other materials so it's safer to cover your table with some plastic wrap.

Step 3: Add Shading and Colors to Your Succulent Sculpture

For this step you will need a thin and a large paintbrush, and some pink eyeshadow (you can also use blush or chalk pastel).

Use a thin paintbrush to apply pink eyeshadow on the tips of the succulent leaves.

Dust off any excess powder with a large clean paintbrush.

Step 4: Insert the Eye Pins

You will need to insert the eye pins before baking the clay.

Lightly grab the tiny Echeveria succulent sculpture and insert the eye pin at the back.

Once you're done, smooth the surface of the clay and get rid of any fingerprints.

Use a large paintbrush to apply pink eyeshadow at the back of the polymer clay succulents.

Brush off any excess powder.

Step 5: Sculpt Adorable "Jelly Beans" Succulents

Now it's time to sculpt tiny "jelly beans" succulents with polymer clay. For this jewelry set, you will need to sculpt five small jelly beans succulents (four for the earrings, one for the ring).

We're going to use a toothpick, light green polymer clay and pink eyeshadow.

Let's start with the succulent leaves : "Sedum pachyphyllum" has fleshy leaves shaped like jelly beans.

Take a small chunk of light green clay and shape it into 5 tiny beans shapes.

Take another lump of clay and roll it into 5 very small ball shapes...and the jelly beans leaves are ready !

Assemble the 5 beans shaped leaves as shown in the pictures. Then, use a toothpick to arrange the round leaves at the center of the succulent. Gently press down those round leaves into the succulent sculpture and you're done ! :)

Step 6: Add Colors to the Jelly Beans Succulents

Apply pink eyeshadow on the tips of the bean shaped leaves with a thin paintbrush.

Step 7: Bake the Clay !

Place your lovely succulent sculptures on parchment paper and bake the clay in a kitchen oven.

Follow manufacturer's instructions on the package => for Fimo polymer clay : 230°F (110°C) for 30 minutes.

Remove the polymer clay succulent from the oven and let them cool before assembling the jewellery.

Step 8: Link the Polymer Clay Succulent With the Earring Hooks

You will need a pair of silver earring hooks, two silver jump rings (3mm = 1/8") and pliers !

First, open a jump ring with a pair of pliers (twist it open).

Use the jump ring to link the eye pin of the succulent to the earring hook. Twist shut the jump ring with your pair of pliers.

Step 9: Glue the Tiny Jelly Beans Succulents !

Now it's time to add the jelly beans succulents to the earrings.

Use E6000 glue (or a hot glue gun) to glue those tiny succulents at the top and the bottom of the earrings.

Once you're done, let the glue dry well (allow to fully cure for at least 24 hours).

Step 10: Assemble the Necklace

You will need a silver chain, a silver lobster clasp, a spring ring clasp, two silver jump rings (3mm, 1/8") and pliers.

Twist open a jump ring with plier and connect the spring ring clasp to the open end of the chain. Twist the jump ring shut with pliers.

Once you're done, use a jump ring to connect the lobster clasp at the other end of the silver chain.

Next, locate the chain link where you want to place the polymer clay succulent. Open the eye pin of the succulent and insert it in the chain link. You can close the eye pin with your fingers or a pair of pliers.

Step 11: Assemble the Ring

You will need a silver ring mount, E6000 glue and a tiny polymer clay succulent.

Glue the jelly beans succulent to the silver ring mount.

Press the fake succulent you want to glue to the ring mount and hold it in place for a minute.

Allow the glue to cure fully for at least 24 hours and try on the ring ! :)

Step 12: Enjoy !

Your handmade succulent jewelry set is ready !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)

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