Introduction: Make a Trashcandlestick

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My daughters “Harakuma” perfume bottle was empty. It was a shame to throw the beautiful lid away, so I decided to make a candle stick out of it. Which trash do you have to transform into a candlestick? Don’t panic if you don’t have a Harakuma perfume lid, you can also use toys, old vases or a Chinese dog for example.

Step 1: What You Need

This is what i used to make the candle stick:


a (pillar) drill

pencil, ruler

wood I used Birch

chisel, mallet


lathe, turning tools such as parting tool, spindle gouge, roughing gouge,

sanding paper (240 grid)

paint color

glue I used Power epoxy

copper tube Length 2.8 inch, 0.8 inch diameter

pipe cutters

brass polish, or citron, tomato ketchup........

a rasp

tin foil

copper coin

soldering iron



Step 2: Prepare for Turning

Cut your log in the right size.

Mark the center on both ends.

Make an incision with a chisel on one end for mounting the log in your lathe

Step 3: Turn a Base

Start turning and turn at slow speed until your log is round. I started with a roughing gouge.

Mark the beginning and the end of the base with parting tool.

Turn the base and "the copper tube holder" and measure the width so you can mount the copper tube. I mostly used my spindle gouge.

Sand your base.

Step 4: Paint the Base

Protect the environment.

Spray several layers of paint on your base and let it dry.

Use gloves and dust mask to protect yourself.

Step 5: Cut the Copper Tube

Cut the tube with a pipe cutters

Smoothen the inside of the tube with a rasp.

Sand the edges with sanding paper.

Polish the tube with brass polish.

Step 6: ​Fire Prevention

We don’t want to set the house on fire. So we are going to solder a copper coin in the tube this will prevent that the burning candle reach the wooden base.

Chose a copper coin that fits in the tube, or make it fit. I used a rasp to grind the edges. Put some tin foil in the tube this will hold your coin on the right place. Solder your coin. In this instructables tells Noahw how to do it:

Or if you are too tired you simply fill half of the tube with tin foil.

Step 7: Drill a Hole in the Lid

Mark where you want to drill.

Drill at slow speed.

Try to find a drill in the same size as your copper tube.

I had to sand the hole a little bit bigger to fit the copper tube.

Step 8: Mounting Your Candle Stick


your glue and use gloves you don’t want the glue on your fingers

Put the copper tube in the lid (the doll) and glue the doll and copper tube on the base

Let the glue dry

Step 9: Before and After

Before an empty perfume bottle and now a beautiful candlestick

Before an old Chines dog and now a new candlestick

Before an old toy and now a toy candlestick

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