Introduction: Make a Vertical Succulent Planter!

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I made a cross planter for Tractus Art & Gallery.

Using Cedar and Guanacaste as rot resistant and beautiful woods.

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Step 1: Vertical Cross Planter

Start by cutting the cedar boards to width on the table saw - 10cm (4'') - that will be the depth minus the bottom piece.
Then cut the pieces with 45 degree angle on the miter saw.
For the sizes help use a piece of paper and draw your design so you can see what and how you'll cut.

Step 2: Cut the Grooves

Cut the grooves on your pieces to receive the bottom and the mesh (chicken) wire.

Step 3: Start Assembling

Before glueing the pieces together you'll need to cut the chicken wire beforehand and put it inside.
Check the video for this step - it's easier to understand.

Step 4: Fitting the Bottom In

Then cut the bottom and nail and glue it in the grooves.
Drill the bottom for drainage.
Attach the picture hanger to it.

Step 5: Patch the Nail Holes, Sand and Finish

If you want you can patch the holes by using saw dust and glue mixed together as putty.
Sand the planter and finish it with any finish you desire or leave it unfinished to gray naturally.
I used great beeswax finish I made HERE (Instructable link).

Step 6: Plant It!

Pack it with nice soil. (wetting the soil will help to make it compact
Shake and firmly place to pack it down (but not too much).
Cut the wire with pliers and carefully place your plants in it.
You can also place seeds if you like to wait a bit more.

Step 7: Hang It and Enjoy!


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