Introduction: Make a Vest From a T-Shirt

How To Make A T-Shirt into a Vest

Step 1: Get Your Materials!

You'll need:

• A t-shirt that fits you comfortably (make it a little loose)
• Scissors
• Buttons (As many or as few as you want)
• Needle and Thread (for the buttons)

Step 2: Cut Off the Sleeves

First, turn the shirt inside out. Then cut inside the sleeve seam all the way around. (I suggest doing it inside out and inside the seam because it's neater.) Do this for both sleeves.

Step 3: Cut the Neck

We're making this one a deep V-neck vest.
First, flip the shirt over so you're working on the back.
Then find where the bottom of the neck should be and snip into the fabric a bit.
Then cut from the snip to each sides of the original neck.


Time to add the buttons!
(I add the buttons before cutting the shirt in half so that it's easier to line up the buttons and the button-holes.)
So sew on your buttons and then snip tiny holes about 1"-2" to the right of them. (These will be the button-holes; you want to start small so you don't overestimate the size of the hole and have the buttons falling out. Squeezing the buttons through the first time should neatly rip the hole to the right size.)
Then cut between the line of buttons and the line of holes.



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