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Introduction: How to Make a Sushi Lamp

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Hello everyone! This is my first how-to video about woodworking. It is a lamps series that I made for a sushi restaurant. Basically I've used pine wood and water-based lacquer to finishing. Now, we will see step by step how to make this lamp.

So let's get started!

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Step 1: Watch the How-to Video

I recommend watching the video for more details on the making process, the tools used and some tips.

For any question feel free to contact me on my YouTube channel. Also you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Step 2: Thicknessing and First Cuts

I will not deny that it is a project that requires a lot of work time, but the end result is quite nice. Especially if you're a sushi lover you can decorate your home with these Japanese sticks lamps.

  • For begin I have thickened pine timbers and then planing by hand (50 mm x 200 mm).
  • Then cut timbers for 50 mm x 20 mm).
  • After make cuts for 20 mm x 20 mm).
  • Use the cross-cut sled to cut the large that you wish.

Step 3: Tappered Cuts

  • For this step I used a multi function jig for tappered cuts, along with a piece of plywood to copy the cuts on.
  • The cuts is of 5 mm on each side edge. Then I marked the logo of the restaurant with a laser machine.
  • Before starting to the lamp assembly we need to sanding the sticks. For this I used sandpaper of 120, 240, 320, 400 and 600 grit.

Step 4: Assembly and Finishing

  • Measure of the sticks: 800 mm long / Tilt 20 degrees.
  • For assembly you will need a template to get the degrees tilt that you prefer.
  • To align the sticks you can help yourself with a carpenter square and repeat the process with all sticks
  • When the lamp is ready and dry, find and mark the center.
  • Cut the center timber, drill it on the extremes, glued and screwed on the center. For this, you will need find the center from of vertices.
  • To paint I've used water-based lacquer and a couple of tablespoons of honey bee to give a similar tone at bamboo.

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    6 years ago

    Is it possible to hang from ceiling with some little modification? Project looks awesome.

    Humus Workshop
    Humus Workshop

    Reply 6 years ago

    @Bilegt Yes, of corse. Indeed this lamp is hanging on ceiling. Thanks for comment.


    6 years ago

    Wow. I've never seen anything like this, super cool

    Humus Workshop
    Humus Workshop

    Reply 6 years ago

    @momoluv Oh thank you very much!