Introduction: Make a Dollar Bill Cancer Ribbon

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This Instructable will show you how to make a cancer ribbon out of a dollar bill. This is very simple dollar bill origami compared to the shirt and pants.

If my directions are confusing refer to the pictures.

Step 1: Materials

The only thing you need for this is a dollar bill. The newer the better, but you can use any dollar. Most people have a dollar bill in their pockets, so you can do this almost anywhere.
If steps six, seven, and eight are confusing refer to the pictures and a cancer ribbon.

Step 2: Make a Crease

The first fold is to valley fold it in half hotdog style. Make a sharp crease by running your fingernail across it. After making a crease, unfold it.

Hotdog style is when you fold a piece of paper to make it look like hotdog bun. Just fold it so the paper is skinnier and stays the same length. Fold it so that Washington's head is folded just above the tip of his nose. Valley folding is when you make a V or fold the bottom part up.

Step 3: Fold Edges In

After the crease is made, fold the top and bottom in to the center. To better explain what I did, you should have the dollar folded into fourths if you unfolded it (don't unfold, it was just an example).

Step 4: Fold in the Corners

Fold all four corners to the center crease. The dollar should now have pointed ends.

Step 5: Valley Fold

Now valley fold (explained in step 2) the dollar bill in half. The dollar bill should now be a trapezoid. It should still be six inches long, and about 5/8 of an inch wide.

Step 6: The Left Side

Here is where the confusing parts come in. You have to fold the left side down behind the rest of the dollar, this needs to be folded at an angle.
It needs to be so that the bottom reaches about the middle of the rest of the dollar.
I think the angle is close to about forty degrees (does not have to be exact)

Step 7: The Right Side

Now that you have the left side folded its time for the right side. The right side is folded in front of the rest of the dollar. Besides the side that you fold it on everything else is the same except for the angle is going the other direction.

Step 8: Lock the Tails in Place

This is the final step. All thats left to do is lock the tails in place. To do this you must put the right tail behind the left tail, and this should put the left tail in front of right tail.

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