Introduction: Make a Gorgeous Pen Holder From Magazine Papers

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To make this gorgeous pen holder all you need is time and patience . Rest , I think you will be having already at home. Without my ado , lets go into the making.

Step 1: Materials Required

Magazine papers(I used a 8.5"x 11" magazine papers)

White glue

Two cardboard pieces of 4" x 4" (10 X 10 cm)

Spray paint

One Bamboo skewer or anything that is long and round as bamboo skewer


Gold spray paint (optional)

Step 2: Rolling of Papers

For this fold the magazine paper into half and cut it.Keep the bamboo skewer at an angle as shown (picture 2).Roll till you run out of paper.When you come to the end,apply glue and roll it to complete.Remove the skewer.Repeat this steps and make a lot of them.Lot I mean around 60 to 70.You can do this while watching a netflix movie or a tv show. :)

I made a collage of pictures involved in the steps so that it will be easy for you to visualize and DIY.So, please follow the numbers mentioned in the collage to follow the steps.

Step 3: Making the Base

Take a cardboard piece and cover it with magazine paper.Cut the magazine paper leaving around 1/2 inch on all sides .Make a diagonal cut at the corners as shown(Picture 7) and glue it to the cardboard.(Picture 8).Repeat the same for another cardboard piece.You can use the shipping boxes /pizza boxes for the cardboard pieces.Glue 2 rolled papers on left side bottom corner (Picture 9) and one rolled paper on all other sides.

Step 4: Adding Another Cardboard Piece to the Base

Apply generous amount of glue and place another cardboard piece as shown(Picture 11)

Step 5: Folding the Rolled Paper

Next start creating the wonder! .Take the top rolled paper at the left bottom corner say A as shown (Picture 12) and fold it as shown.It should lie parallel to the cardboard piece AB .Now take the rolled paper from right bottom B and fold it over the AB rolled strip and it should lie parallel to BC (Picture 13).Next take the rolled strip from C and fold it over the BC strip so that it is parallel to CD.(Picture 14).Take the rolled strip from D and fold it over the CD strip so that it is parallel to DA.(Picture 15).

Step 6: And the Folding Continues..

Take the bottom rolled strip from A(you glued two strips here!!.Hope you remember that) and fold it parallel to the already folded AB strip.(Picture 16).Repeat the same steps by folding one over the other starting from A to D in Counter clockwise direction.When you run out of the strip,take another strip and just insert it to the already existing one.(as shown).Insert the strip in such a way that almost 1/4 th length of the strip goes inside the other.Don't keep folding till the end, insert the rolled strips before it is going to get over .No glue is required ,it will automatically fit inside.If you feel it is not fitting try some other strips or apply little glue at the end and insert it.

Step 7:

Repeat the process till you reach the desired height.Picture 18 shows half of the pen holder.Picture 19 shows the completed one.After reaching the desired height ,glue the strips to already existing one and trim the excess.The completed look is shown in picture 20.

Step 8: The End

Voila!You are done!!If you are not okay with the magazine look,you can spray paint it with color of your choice.I did mine with gold spray paint to bring out the gorgeousness of the pen holder structure.Hope you enjoyed the Instructable.Feel free to share your comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you.

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