Make a Quick Stress Ball !

Introduction: Make a Quick Stress Ball !

Hey guys and gals ! 
Growing up I always loved stress balls and the way they felt and ease pent up emotions, however i usually just played with them and used them to try and learn how to juggle. Now that i'm in college stress balls come in handy during finals when it's cramming time i find them very entertaining when my mind is working overtime. I thought it would be cool to make one right here in my dorm room, as something to take my mind off stress related things and help me stay level headed when it matters the most. It's fairly quick , simple and just a bit messy to give you and some friends to laugh at when its done. 

**This can be used for other purposes as well, such as juggling , kids toys , cute Christmas stocking suffers.
You can even make them look like little pumpkins hand them out during Halloween, or save them for Easter and hand them out
as cute Easter eggs that never go bad.
The possibles are nearly endless!

Step 1: Lets Begin !

First, you'll have to gather all the material for this fun project which could be found at any standard grocery store such as Wal-Mart, Super Target, Kroger  and it shouldn't cost you anymore then 10 dollars. 

So the easiest way to make a successful stress ball is with balloons; therefore, pick up a pack of balloons (have fun when picking the colors). 
1. Get a bag of all purpose flour (this will used to fill the balloons).
2. A bowl to keep the flour in.
3. A empty water bottle .

Step 2: Stretch It !

Before you actually put the flour into the balloon, it would make it a lot easier if you blew up the balloon first and allowed it to stretch out and soften the rubber! This step should be repeated to the second balloon as well so that it fits over the first balloon once filled. 

Step 3: Filling

The main part of making the stress ball is filling the balloon, the reason we use flour is because when squeezing a stress ball,  you want some type of resistance, so that it relieves tension. However, sand can be used as well and things with the same consistency  such as rice, beads, flour, beans and so on. The choice should be made to achieve whatever the feel you're going for. 

Step 4: Filling the Balloon

1. First to fill your balloon cut the bottom off the water bottle making a quick funnel.
2. Then stretch the balloon of your choice around the month of the bottle.
3. Next start pouring some flour into the bottom of the bottle filling the balloon slowly but surely (slow and steady to avoid any spills).
Once that's done; all that's left to do is secure the knot and add your own finishing touches.

Step 5: Securing

Now that the main part is done, its important to remember that balloons are easy to break and being filled with something as messy as flour its necessary to add another layer to our stress ball to avoid a tear. Therefore once the ball is filled go ahead and tie and knot in the balloon and then get another balloon (it can be any color, any design) and cut the very top off of it so that it can fit easily over 
the already made stress ball. 

Step 6: Finishes

Once the stress ball is safe from easy breaking, all that's left to do is clean it up and add your own 
designs and special touches. 

-You can make this into anything you want such as balls to juggle with.
-a soft toy for little kids to play with.
-a good ole stress reliever.
Whatever your imagination can come up with !

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    6 years ago

    Oh wow, making these this Sunday for my son's ninth birthday lunch as a party game!