Introduction: Make a Skeleton in a Cage Décor for Your Fish Tank ( Halloween )

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in this project u can learn to make a really cute and cool decor for your fish tank..

Step 1: Materials

a toy skeleton

11 thin straws

hot glue gun

and a bottle cap



Step 2: Creating the Cage

first of all mark all the straws on 10 cm ( there total length is 21 cm ) and then cut them .. as shown above..

now separate the straws , on one side the 10 cm and on the other side the remaining cm's .

after that take the bottle cap and glue straws inside the cap . as shown above.when u have glued them all it will look like the above pictures.

Step 3: Inserting the Skeleton Inside the Cage

there is not to much work in this step,as u may have noticed in the above pictures.

just drop the skeleton from above the opening of the cage , now make sure that it's arms and legs are outside the cage and only it's main body is inside the cage.

now glue the hands and legs in different poses of your choice.

Step 4: Closing the Cage

now if u remember when u cut-off the straw in 10 cm u had 11 remaining pieces of length 11 cm's . now glue them together in the pair of 5 each. now u are remaining with 1 piece.

after that take the one remaining piece of the straw and cut it into pieces of length 1 or 2 cm's according to the distance u want to glue them to the two pieces containing of 5 pieces. as shown above.

and finally glue the whole thing on the roof / top of the cage , as shown above...

now your cage skeleton man is done.hope this project was useful for u .. enjoy making it..

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