Introduction: Make a Starburst Wrapper Chain

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This Instructable teaches you how to make a really cool starburst, wrapper, chain, thats easy to make. This is so simple that almost anybody can do it. If you get enough made you can learn how to make clothes and bags out of them, but I don't know how.

Step 1: Materials

The materials list is very simple, but getting enough may get difficult.
1- starburst wrappers
Thats it for materials.

Step 2: First Fold

The very first fold is to fold one wrapper hotdog style. The colored side should be on the bottom then you fold it up. Make a sharp crease then unfold.
Hotdog style is when you fold a piece of paper to make it more skinny but keep it the same length.

Step 3: Fold to Middle

Now that you have the sharp crease in the middle, fold the sides to be parallel with the crease.
The wrapper should be the same length as a unfolded wrapper but more skinny.

Step 4: Fold in Half

Now fold the wrapper in half hotdog style. The fold should be on the crease. This should, again, make it more skinny

Step 5: Fold It in Half

Now fold in half again, hotdog style. Now it should be very skinny and normal length.

Step 6: Fold Hamburger Style

Now you have to fold the wrapper in half the other way, this is normally hotdog style on a normal sized paper. After folding hamburger style, make a sharp crease. After making the sharp crease unfold.

Step 7: Fold to the Middle

Fold the sides into the middle, where the crease is.

Step 8: Fold in Half

The final step is to fold the wrapper in half putting the sides, from the last step, into the middle.

Step 9: Making the Chain

This step is very hard to explain, but ill do my best to explain.
You have to make at least two before you are able to do this step.
You have to put the two points through another links points, then slide until the end is touching the seconds links points. Keep doing this to make a long chain.

This maybe confusing so look at pictures.