Introduction: Make a Vase of Paper Flower Pens

Using regular cheapo bic pens, tape, craft glue, scissors or a craft knife, and colored paper, you can make a bunch of origami paper pens! It's easy.

Step 1: Make a Flower

The first thing you need to do is make your origami flower. I'm not going to detail the instructions here, but here are a couple links to help you:

If those links don't work or are broken or something, do a web search for "origami lily" or "origami iris," and see if it comes up with something that will end up looking something like the picture of mine.

I used 4" paper for this particular flower, but anything from 4"-6" will work fine.

Step 2: Make Your Stem

Get a bic and some green paper (or whatever color you want to use), and a blade or scissors to cut it with. A ruler can be handy but is not required.

Align the pen with the edge of the paper like the picture, where the white part is on the paper but the black tip is off the paper. At the end of the pen, leave about 1/4" extra of the green paper sticking out beyond where the pen ends. Trim that strip off with scissors or a knife.

Step 3: Trim the Stem

You only need a little bit to wrap around the pen, so trim off a 2"-ish piece from the piece of paper you just cut off.

Step 4: Tape the Stem to the Pen

Put 2 pieces of regular tape on the long sides of the green paper like in the illustration, then turn it over so that the sticky side is up. One of the pieces of tape should be pretty short, and the other should go almost the whole length of the paper. Place the pen on the side with the short piece and roll it up in the paper so that it is pretty tight. The long piece of tape will seal the end, and you have a stem for your flower!

Step 5: Glue in the Flower

Put craft glue (I used Tacky glue) on the flower. Gloop it on. Then stick the flower in the little cup on the end of the pen made by that extra 1/4" of paper you left on there exactly for that purpose. Pinch it a little to make the glue stick to the sides, and set it upright somewhere to let it dry.

Step 6: Vase

I made a little paper vase to put all my flowers in. I got a piece of cardstock, and folded one edge down, trimmed it short, and looped it and taped it together. I made a little base out of my scrap and taped that to the bottom. Ta Daa! Done.

You can add other fun touches to them too. In the picture I provided, you can see on some of them I made a tiny crane and glued that to the flower petal. I also got some coils from my local print shop and used them to add some "spring" to my pen toppers. Have fun!