Introduction: Make an Infinity Scarf With Thrift Store Finds

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Everybody wants an infinity scarf these days. They are comfortable and you don't have to worry about tying them. And, of course, you want scarves that match your outfits, are unique, and feel good around your neck.

Naturally, you want more than one. They're expensive though and that's why you should consider making your next infinity scarf.

Step 1: First, Go to Your Local Thrift Shop (or Goodwill)

Go to the skirts rack and take a look at all the nice fabrics there. Touch them and the first thing you want to check on is how does it feel on your skin. I actually hold it against my cheek to make sure it feels good.

Be sure to get one that's cotton. Remember, you want the kind of fabric that won't feel sticky against your neck when you sweat. I prefer long skirts because I get a scarf that's poofier and I like to loop the scarf around my head twice.

Step 2: This Is the Skirt I Picked.

This skirt is a nice soft cotton and I liked the design since it looks like lace, but is much more comfortable than lace.

Notice that it has pleats. Don't worry about that! Focus more on the fabric. Note that you want a cotton that isn't too thin since a thin fabric will tend to roll up when you cut it and you won't want that for your scarf.

Step 3: Cutting

You will need to cut the waist line away from what will be your scarf. That's right. Just grab a pair of scissors and start cutting.

I'd suggest that you invest in a nice pair of sewing scissors to make your life easier.

Step 4: This Is What Your Scarf Should Look Like Now.

Well, it's actually not a scarf yet, but it will be soon. Once you've cut it, you're ready to start gluing.

Step 5: Fabric Glue

That's right. There is glue made just for fabrics. Once you get used to using it, you'll prefer glue to an old fashioned needle and thread. That's because the glue is stronger than thread!

There are many different brands and I've found all of them to be good. Here I'm using the Tulip brand.

Step 6: Getting Ready to Glue.

You will want to hide the end you just cut by folding it down and then covering it with the "pretty" part that's already hemmed for you. (This is a lot easier than buying fabric at the sewing store since the hem is already done for you.)

Step 7: Squirt Glue Where the Fabric Will Meet.

Squeeze the glue out.

Step 8: Fold the Hemmed Edge Over.

As in the photo, you want to fold the hemmed edge (the pretty edge) so that it covers the end you just cut.

That's all there is to do. Just continue gluing until you've covered all of the cut edge with the professionally-hemmed edge. Now you're ready to put your infinity scarf on. The glue smell will go away after a day or so. Enjoy!!!!!