Introduction: Make an Old Sweater New Again!

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I love this old drapey sweater that I have, but there was no way to keep it closed to keep my warm!  I thought for a long time about adding a button, but that would mean bothering with a buttonhole.  I also thought about using some unusual closures like frogs or buckles.  Then I saw this awesome sweater in a high end fashion shop and knew I had my answer. 

I decided to cut up some old belts and use not just the buckles, but the straps as well!

Step 1: Materials

Grab yourself a sweater (this can be completely decorative and in no way functional too.  it just looks cool, darn it!)
One or two belts (or more) with neat closure straps and buckles
Heavy-weight thread

Step 2: Free the Belts

Cut away the threads from around the belt  buckle straps, and remove the belts.

Step 3: Position the Straps

Try on the sweater and decide where you want the straps to go.

Mark with pins

Step 4: Sew on the Straps

Using a double thread (put the thread through the needle, align the tails and tie a knot) and a backstitch, attach the straps to the sweater.

Step 5: Admire Your Thrifty Awesomeness

Try it on and prance around!  What will you pull out of your closet and breathe new life into next?
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