Introduction: Make the Entire Lunar Cycle Made of Cookies!

1. Nilla Wafer 5pack 15oz

2. Hot Glue

3. Black Foam Board

4. Projector

5. Empty Stomach

450 of the cookies were munched to create an accurate chart of all the moon's phases arranged into one giant lunar surface, with the help of a projector to shape and arrange each morsel.

Step 1: Bite the Wafer As Many As You Can But Precisely!

Please set up the form board on the wall! To set up the form board, you can use push pin or double-sided tape. and then, you have to set up the project to shape and arrange each morsel. After that, bite the wafer referencing the Lunar Cycle Chart and then put the glue on the back of the wafer using hot glue. Lastly, put each piece of wafer on the form board following the lunar shapes!