Make the Most of Your Trip in Mexico City


Introduction: Make the Most of Your Trip in Mexico City

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Mexico City is a very cultural and friendly city. You will find plenty of activities to do: museums, historical places, pyramids, nightlife, etc. But one of the most amazing things of Mexico City is its location.

Very few people take advantage of the very close “Magic Towns” that Mexico can offer and that are very close to the city. You can get there by car rental, bus services or plane and you will enjoy your trip a lot.

This is my list of the top 3 towns close to the city that you cannot miss, they are amazing! Do not forget to protect yourself and your belongings by not leaving valuable stuff in your car; if you are traveling by bus take your expensive stuff with you, not in the luggage.

Step 1: San Miguel De Allende

It is not coincidence that this town has been considered The #1 Touristic place Worldwide! This town is located three and a half-hour away from Mexico City by car (if you are traveling by plane you should go from Mexico City to Queretaro or Leon airport and book a cab service to San Miguel; the time from any of these cities to San Miguel is around 1 hour and a half). The magic of this town is its colonial-era architecture, cobblestone streets and the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. San Miguel is a very cultural town full of museums and galleries. If you are an art lover you will enjoy going to “Fabrica La Aurora” which was a textile factory now transformed into a set of art galleries and high design furniture and crafts stores.

Step 2: Tepoztlan

This town is one hour and a half away from Mexico City (by car). Tepoztlan is a spiritual town rounded by mountains. Its name comes behind “El Tepozteco”, a small pyramid in the top of the mountains from the Aztec culture. If you visit Tepoztlan you cannot miss trying the “Tepoznieves” which are sorbets and ice cream prepared in all the flavors you can imagine (all of them are delicious). There are also delicious restaurants with cuisine from the region including cecina, sopes and chilaquiles (Los Colorines is a colorful and tasteful restaurant!)

Step 3: Puebla

A two-hour car trip will take you to the city of Puebla considered one of the richest Mexican culinary preparations (like the Mole). The town center is beautiful for walking and buying crafts. You can take a thirty-minute trip to Cholula, Puebla where you will find the Great Pyramid which looks like a hill after it was hidden to protect it from the Spanish invasion. This pyramid is the largest in America (4 times the size of Giza pyramid in Egypt).

As you can see Mexico is full of amazing towns so do not hesitate to visit all of them! If you want more tips or in case you have any question please write it down and I will happily help you!

Buen viaje!

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